Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prayers From a Tender Heart

Cody has been working through his Sparks book for Awana since September. He has completed the book once and is now going back through the entire book again. He has one more week of review before he can go to "Skipper Review Island." Any of you who know the Awana program will know that this is the end of the book. As we have gone back and reviewed all the verses he has memorized, I am finding that the verses have stuck with ME and I'm so thankful that I'm memorizing favorite passages right along with him. What a way for God to teach me...through my child. But then, isn't that what parenthood is all about?

Tonight, he is continuing his review, and one of his assignments is to pray aloud every night for five things: A family member, a grandparent, a friend, a teacher, and a missionary. Each time, I ask him to choose someone to pray for, and I let God direct his answers and only help if he gets stumped.

As you know, our friend and former neighbor Molly is in the thick of her battle with ovarian cancer. Cody has often asked how she is and if her cancer is all better. I have tried to keep him updated on the family, including their children. Tonight, he was asking how her kids are handling everything, and I told him that they are doing well...being strong for their mom and very supportive.

So when we got to what friend he wanted to pray for, Cody chose Molly's children. His little prayer went something like this: "Dear Lord, please be with Molly. Please help make her cancer go away, and help her not to be so sick anymore. Please help Kevin and Erin to love her and be with her when she needs them. And in Jesus' name, Amen."

I don't know about you, but hearing tender prayers coming from the lips of a little child blesses me so much. I can only imagine how much more Jesus loves to hear them!

Oh Father, thank you for teaching me more about you through my child. Let me take my example from my son, who has shown me your love, forgiveness, and compassion time and again. May I not be afraid to reach out to those around me and instead have a heart like that of a child. Amen.


Tonya said...

I love Awana and especially that one we have tried to keep it as what we pray for everyday. Sometimes their prayers tear me up.

Glass Half Full said...

If our local Awana's end time wasn't at 8pm, I would have Matt go. I love their program!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Cody for praying for me. It makes me feel much better knowing that my little friend Cody is praying for me and my family. We love and miss you Cody.

Love, Molly
PS) Happy, it's ovarian cancer, and I know you know that, and just made a typo.