Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol Returns....

We now pause to bring you this very (trivial) important announcement.

American Idol returns tonight and tomorrow night.

The question remains: Do I watch?

I am still recovering from the Melinda Doolittle issue. I absolutely loved her. And while Jordin had a great voice, she just never impressed me the way Melinda did. I understand that Melinda is no worse for the wear, touring with Christian artsists and impressing the masses with her vocal stylings, but I think America missed the mark when they voted for Jordin. I knew that Melinda would be "big" regardless of how America voted, but I was disappointed that she didn't make it to the finale. Seriously, what was America thinking???

And then there's the issue of the first umpteen weeks of bad auditions, people being made fun of and ridiculed by Simon and his crew. I know it's supposed to be "entertaining", but it's downright mean how some of these poor people are treated. It was hard to watch last year, and I do remember some of you even posting about it.

You might even find it interesting that I didn't even watch a full season of Idol until last year. As a voice instructor (hubby is a music teacher as well), I really didn't want to take the time to listen to more singers since it's what I do for a living. You may think that's strange, but I'd much rather watch something totally unrelated (unless, of course, it's "So You Think You Can Dance") in my free time.

However, once I watched one episode of "Idol", I was hooked. I had to hang in there the whole season.

So the question remains. What are you going to do? Are you tuning in for another season? I'd love to know your thoughts on this very (trivial) issue.

(P.S. I love you, Ms. Doolittle!!! You ROCK!)

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mom on a mission said...

I could not agree more!!!!!!!!! I was such a Melinda fan. But even moreso, what was up with Blake going so far (that was last season, right?)?? I totally didn't get it. My kids and I love to watch the show. I usually record it so we can zip through the victoria secret commercials and such, AND we never start watching it until they are through those auditions. Hate those, really.

I also have to comment on your climber. I laughed out loud because that was my big issue with Seth today. He wants to climb up and jump OFF of see, he IS Superman you know. I WILL survive, I WILL survive, I WILL survive..........