Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip Recap

Before the recap, here are some pics for your enjoyment.  Here I am before the game (still smiling as you can see).  
This is just prior to the beginning of the game when the band takes the field.  I love that flag over there to the right which says, "The Power of Red."
These two dudes showed up just before the game started and then left.  I think they were in the wrong section or something, but they let me snap their picture. They cracked me up.
Here's quarterback Joe Ganz.  He came out and threw the ball around a bit before the players officially took the field.
And speaking of that, this is where the players come out after the "tunnel walk."  This is one of the best parts of being at a live game.  I LOVE that part!
Finally, here is one of the Husker vision screens.  I think they are so cool!

So, now that you've seen some of the photos, here's the story.  We left Friday afternoon and started our long trek to Nebraska.  On our way, we decided to stop for a late lunch/early dinner.  We were the youngest people in the place, by the way. Unfortunately, we didn't qualify for the senior discount, however the manager approached our waitress while we were talking to her and said that we qualified for a free dessert.  Apparently, all you have to do is wear "the colors" while in Iowa and it earns you a free apple dumpling.  I'm so glad I was sporting my Husker-wear.  (Turns out he's originally from Nebraska.)  

We arrived at our hotel pretty late, but got ourselves a good night sleep and were up and at 'em the next morning.  We were able to visit our favorite Husker store where we OF COURSE couldn't leave empty handed.  The boys are the proud owners of new t-shirts, and I splurged and got myself a pair of Husker Crocs.  I was actually thrilled to see that they were less expensive than my blue pair I bought a year ago!

We also had the opportunity to visit the cemetery where we could pay tribute to my grandparents.  I brought a red rose for Poppop and a white one for Nanny.  I am absolutely certain that my grandpa would be cackling at the thought that we drove so far to see a stinkin' Husker game, and I told him so.  He'd get such a kick out of it though!

After that, we went and saw "Fireproof" which we've been so excited to see.  It was an awesome movie, and we're so thrilled that it grossed enough to earn it the #4 spot this weekend.  I've never seen the gospel presented in such a wonderful way on the big screen, and we couldn't help but cheer at the end.  The whole theatre erupted with us.  Please go see it.  You'll be so glad you did.

After a quick lunch and a rest, we headed down for the game.  You already know that we ran into an awesome dixieland band and had a blast listening to them until we were ready to head to the stadium.  Once inside, we ran into a man that I've practically known my whole life, and somehow we always seem to run into him there!  It's amazing to me that in a stadium filled with 85,000 people, we'd still bump into him....and not just once!

The game was...a nail biter.  And we ended up losing by five points.  And it got a little ugly.  But we still had a great time.  It didn't really matter that we lost.  The whole experience really outweighed the end result of the game.  And plus, you've heard me say before that the winning really doesn't matter too much in the end.  What matters most is how you played the game. (Don't get me wrong, I love when we win, but it's all in how you look at it.)

And that's all I have to say about that.  

All in all, a fabulous weekend.  The boys did great, and we greatly enjoyed the break and the time together. 

So there you go.  You're all caught up!  Thanks for reading (if, of course, you still are!).  

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Video Says it All

Hey everyone!

I have much to share with you about our weekend in Nebraska, but I thought I'd start with this video.  Jerry and I parked quite a ways from Memorial Stadium, but we're so happy it worked out that way.  Here's why:  We "accidentally" ran into the most wonderful little dixieland band called "Zoot and the Red Rooters."  If you ever happen to catch a game in Lincoln, NE, you'll find them playing at a little restaurant called Suite One.  It's a little pizza place.  I have no idea how the pizza is.  We went for the music.  : )

Anyway, they were fantastic.  This video is a bit dark, because the lighting wasn't very good, but you get the idea. Anyone that can play the fight song on any instrument has my vote.

If any of you were wondering how the weekend was, the look on my face during this footage says it all.

So...here's the video.  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

To Papa, On Your Birthday

I'm a bit late getting this post up because I've been in a car for the last eight hours, but it's still the 28th and it's still Papa Dean's birthday.  Yipppeeeee!!!

And so, with no further ado, may I say a HUGE happy birthday to one of my favorite guys in the whole world.

It's hard to put into words how much I love Papa.  He's such a gem. He's as warm-hearted and teddy bear-like as they get, but he's also tough when he needs to be and a straight shooter. Those are qualities that work well together.   : )  They have certainly worked for the women in our family, let me tell you!

The three of us sisters (myself, Kari, and Darci) put together a little video clip for a montage that was played at my mom and Dean's wedding a few years ago.  I remember filming it in my mom's little bathroom in her apartment (I know, a weird place, but the lighting was good in there!).  The three of us girls told Papa in the video that we all wanted to be adopted, but that he needed to keep in mind that we come as a set.  I'm still trying to win the role of "favorite" but the competition is pretty tough to beat, and PLUS Papa just won't pick!!!  That's his one and only fault.  (Ha, ha!)

Anyway, Papa, we love you dearly.  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Your middle (favorite) daughter  

Thursday, September 25, 2008

There is No Place Like Nebraska!

This weekend, hubby and I have the great privilege of getting to go out of town together to take in a Huskers football game (thanks, Nanna and Papa!).  Nebraska, for those who don't know, is where I spent many of my childhood years, and so I'm quite excited to return.  

There is truly no place like Nebraska when it comes to football, and no place I'd rather be on game day.  

I have much to do before we leave tomorrow, but I wanted to check in and let you know where I'll be.  Keep an eye on your college football scores Saturday, and think of us cheering on our boys in the stands of Memorial Stadium.


Monday, September 22, 2008

What are You Doing with Your Dash?

I spent the day in Wisconsin with my friend Charity and her family as we celebrated her brother Dave's life.  This has been an incredibly difficult time for their family.  My heart grieves for them all:  Dave's mom and dad who now have to bury their son, Dave's wife who loses her husband, Dave's children who have lost their dad, Dave's siblings who have lost their brother...

There were some young children there who obviously loved their Uncle Dave as well.  Several of them clung to their moms and dads and just cried their little hearts out.  There was also military there and they did the gun salute, played taps and presented his wife with the American flag since Dave served faithfully in the military.  That always gets me. It's so touching.

When we first got there and we walked in to the sanctuary, there were large screens with images of Dave and his family set to music.  So many memories.  The music and the message were so meaningful.  Charity sang a song she wrote for Dave 6 months ago, and her brother-in-law sang a moving rendition of "Come to Jesus."  Jerry and I had the great blessing of singing "The Old Rugged Cross" today as well.  It truly was a beautiful, God-honoring service.

The pastor spoke about our lives and how each of us has been given, by God, a beginning and an ending date to our lives.  It's already decided.  When you look at somebody's "dates" after they pass, there's a dash in between those two dates and years.  He asked the question:  "What are you doing with your dash?  At the end of your life, what will be said about the way you lived in between?"  I found that to be very thought-provoking, to say the least.  It gets down to the legacy we leave behind...the way we want to be remembered, the difference we made, the way we honored and glorified our God.

And so, as I turn out the light tonight, I'll ask you the same question:  "What are you doing with your dash?"

What do you want said of you at your Going Home Celebration?  

May each of us know and pursue the vision God has for us while we are living here on this earth.  We all have a purpose.  May we all prayerfully find it and live it out.  Life is but a breath. 

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Apples of My Eye

We had a great day at the apple orchard.  If you live in the area where I do and you are looking for a great, family friendly, Christ-centered place to spend the day, you must go to Royal Oak Farm Orchard.    It is totally worth the drive.  The grounds are beautiful.  For $6.50, you can pick five of your own apples, take a hay ride, eat an apple cider donut, watch a movie in a teepee about apples, bees, pollination, and honey, visit a petting zoo, play on the grounds, visit their market and gift shoppe, and drink a half pint of fresh apple cider.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.  The wonderful thing about this particular orchard is that they openly talk about God's creation and they teach the children that it is because of Him and His wonderful ways that the apples can even grow on the trees.  They taught us about the cooperation that occurs between the farmers and the bees and how they are such great "workers."  If it weren't for the bees, we wouldn't have apples.  (This gave me a new appreciation for the bees.  : )

Definitely a wonderful place to visit if you ever get the chance.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Meeting of a Lifetime

Dave Bishop went Home to be with the Lord just a short while ago.  We rejoice that he is no longer suffering and is free at last from the bondage of disease.  

Would you please join me praying for them during the days and weeks ahead?  I know they will really need your prayers.

In the meantime, feel free to go to Charity's blog and leave her a comment if you'd like.

Thanks everyone.

Favorite Fall Top 10

Flip Flop is asking her readers what their favorite parts of fall are.  I adore the fall.  I am beginning to accumulate as much fall decor as Christmas (well, that might be overstating it just a bit). But each year I see something it's hard for me not to pick it up because it's just so cuuuuuute!

Anyway, here is my top ten list of reasons why I love the fall.  Feel free to play along too!

10.Cooler weather (not cold, just not 90 degrees).
9.  Soups and Stews start gracing our dinner table (Last night it was ham and bean).
8.  The beautiful colors and the changing of the seasons.
7.  Getting the porch and the house all decked out for the welcoming of Autumn.
6.  School supplies hit the shelves. I just LOVE school supplies.
5.  Nebraska Football.
6.  Watching NU football with my family in Indiana.
7.  Eating Football Stew while watching NU football.
8.  Going to NU games with my hubby (our time is coming soon....)
9.  Getting my kids all dressed up in Husker wear.
10. Hot apple cider, pumpkins, apple picking, caramel apples and runzas.

Your turn.  What do you love about fall?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Things Heard Through the Baby Monitor

First, before I get to the light-hearted content of this post, I'd like to thank you for your prayers for Dave.  Last night, the doctors prepared the family for the fact that he may not make it through the night, but the morning light came and he is still with us.  He is unaware of much that is happening, but when I talked to Charity this morning, she said there are times when he lets them know he hears them.  She said they've been doing a lot of praying, reading scripture, sharing memories, and just having a sweet time together.  Please keep praying.  Your prayers are bringing them the support and peace they desperately need right now.

Secondly, I had to share this funny moment that happened a couple of hours ago in our house. Cody has taken on the responsibility of naptime reading to Caden (I have an agenda, of course. It gives me some time to get some things accomplished and it, of course, gets Cody reading independently).  As the two of them were headed upstairs, Caden was giving Cody a bit of a hard time, and this is the conversation I heard:

Cody:  "Caden, you need to come upstairs now so that brother can read to you."
Caden:  "NO!"
Cody:  "Caden, mommy said that you need to come up here!"
Caden:  "NO!"
Cody (growing increasingly impatient):  "CADEN!  You need to obey me RIGHT NOW!"

I laughed, in spite of myself, at this exchange.  It cracks me up how they start mimicking the things you find yourself saying over and over again.

What's even more funny to me was the fact that when Cody used the word "obey," Caden followed him upstairs and they started reading together.  

Ah, child training.  It's such a blast.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pray for Dave

Hi Friends,

If you've been following the updates on Dave, my dear friend Charity's brother, then I wanted to post this for all you prayer warriors who've been supporting him.  

He's not doing well.  The docs say his time is very short, and he has begun expressing that he's ready to go Home.

They've done everything they can for him and now they are just working to make him as comfortable as possible.  My heart breaks for the family.  The past year or so has been a roller coaster ride, as they've had some mountain-top experiences, and have definitely dipped down into some valleys.  This is definitely a valley kind of moment for the family, but Dave is approaching Heaven with great hope and anticipation.  I'd say he's going to have the mountain-top experience of a lifetime when he finally sees His Savior face to face.

Would you please pray for the entire Bishop family?  They really need your prayers. 

Thanks for reading, and I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Final Score:

Nebraska 38
New Mexico State 7

I don't want to speak prematurely here, but I think it's safe to say:



Saturday, September 13, 2008

To My Local Cable Company That We Switched To Because You Promised it Would Be Better But Have Failed to Deliver:

I am very upset with you. You see, I ordered the football package a few weekends ago because you promised me that I would be able to see as many Husker football games that my little heart could desire.

Now, I understand that FSN is part of your premium sports package that I am....dare I say...paying PREMIUM dollars to have in my living room, and yet, everytime I go looking for a game, it's $30+ dollars to watch my beloved Cornhuskers on pay-per-view! What's the deal????

Now, I ask you. How is this fair? How is that I am paying all this money, and we are entering our third weekend of the Huskers season and you still have not graced the 15 FSN stations with one Huskers game? Why must you play only the teams YOU like? I mean, really. How many stations need to carry some silly game between Colorado and who knows who? I realize this may not be your fault. After all, it's FSN that's carrying the game on pay-per view.

I'm just saying.

I'm very upset with you.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Anonymous:

First, I'd like to thank you for being a reader of my blog. I am aware that I do have some visitors outside of the United States. Because I do not know who you are or what country you are residing in currently, I am unable to contact you directly. However, I wanted to address your comment about yesterday's post. I have to be honest and say that I was a little taken aback by the insinuation that we Americans are responsible for the suffering in other countries. A portion of your comment reads: "I also want you to think and have more understanding of what your country is doing to other parts of the world... "

Please understand that this blog is not a political one. It's a place where I share what's on my heart, hopefully encourage somebody who may need it, and keep track of the things my children are doing and saying as they grow. It's a place where I share my faith which is first and foremost in my life. I will be completely honest and say that I try to steer clear of topics which could be controversial, because that's not the kind of forum that this is. However, September 11th is a day that will forever be engraved on all of our hearts. I sat for days in front of my television seven years ago, awaiting the birth of my first child, and all I could do was weep. My husband had to drag me from the TV and take me outside for fresh air because I couldn't stop watching the horror. I couldn't stop crying. It was a terrifying time for all of us Americans. We lost our innocence that day. And every time 9-11 rolls around each year, we Americans grieve all over again. Yes, we're healing, but we still grieve.

So after reading your comment, I just really wanted to share my heart with you on this subject. I am sure that many people in other parts of the world blame America for the suffering that is currently going on in Iraq and the surrounding countries. President Bush is viewed negatively around the world, and I'll admit he's lost many American's support. Our country is awaiting an presidential election where it's being promised by Republicans and Democrats alike that change is coming. We are in desperate need of change. Our country is suffering too. I know it may look different than the suffering in other countries, and I don't minimize what others are experiencing, but tough times have fallen on many, many Americans. We are hurting too.

Please understand that I am just one person who represents Americans. I do not speak for all of us, just as you don't speak for everyone in your country. I don't agree with all of the decisions of our president, but I do stand behind him. I support him and I support the troops that are fighting to defend our freedom and safety here and abroad. I have young children to think about. They are in my care and I have to support whatever measures are being taken to protect me, them, and all of us here in the United States. I know that many people have died because of the war in Iraq. I am not naive to that, and my heart breaks for all of those who have lost loved ones here and abroad.

Bottom line: I think it's unfair for Americans to be blamed for the suffering that's happening in other parts of the world. There are two sides to this story, and none of us really knows the truth. We can only do our part to support our fellow countrymen and our leaders.

And as I said yesterday, ultimately, it is our job to be on our knees. We serve a God who is in control of all of it. He asks us to pray and to trust Him. What else can we do?

I would challenge you to look at your own part of the world and remember that you, like us, are subject to the leadership of your country.

Thank you for reading and I do hope you'll come back.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you on 9/11?

This post was originally written two years ago today.  It was my very first blog post.  I thought it was appropriate to bring it back today.  I will say that as I re-read this post, I can praise the Lord that He has lessened my anxiety about the future for my children.  Even as we approach this election, it would be easy to fear for our country, but I know that God hand-picks the leaders of this world for a divine and ultimate purpose.  We need not fear!  Our God is an awesome God.  He is in control. And He is working out His plan.  To the families and friends of those who perished in the massacre of 9/11, I am praying for you today.

Ask my family. I am a person who never remembers anything. But I will forever remember what I was doing and where I was the day the twin towers were hit. I was seven months pregnant with my son Cody. I was on my way to bible study and I heard the morning D.J.s at my favorite radio station, WMBI, speaking gravely as they described what had just happened. My thoughts quickly moved from the horror of what I was hearing to my younger sister, Darci. She was living on the outskirts of NYC at the time and I immediately dialed her on my cell phone. Nothing. I called my family in Indiana and we began praying that she was alright. It would be many hours before we would finally get through to her and realize she was safe.

I remember turning the car around and heading back home, believing I would be safer at home instead of going to my bible study that morning. Looking back, I would have been better off being with my sisters in Christ than turning on the TV and not moving from it until my husband arrived home from work later that evening. What kind of world was my unborn child going to come into? A world full of terrorism, fear, hatred, and distress?

I finally reached for my Bible after crying and staring at my television for the majority of the day. It was there that the Lord comforted me in my distress by His promises in Isaiah 40:11. It reads, "He tends His flock like a Shepherd; He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young." I remember feeling peace in my spirit for the first time that day.

At this five-year anniversary, I am still prone to fear, anxiety, and uncertainty about our nation's future (and what kind of world my children will be living in years from now), but 9/11 taught me that in the midst of adversity, ours is a God who is still bigger and greater than any terrorist plot could ever be. For me, today will be a reminder that where I need to be is on my knees before my God and King.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

His Eye is on the Sparrow

Do any of you know this sweet song?  Lately, this concept of God caring so much for me and for those I care about has been of great comfort to me.  I am a fan of the hymns, and this one is such a great song, full of His promises.  

It's been especially powerful as I've been praying for some good friends who are struggling.  My friend Charity's brother, Dave, who is battling lung cancer, is really having a hard time.  A former student who has a very sickly baby is doing her best to keep it together as she takes care of her many, many needs.  My dear friend Becky from church is having back surgery tomorrow after suffering for a couple of years.  The doctors don't know if this is even going to help her, but I am so praying it will.  Her pain has been unbearable and she's been living with it for so long.  We also know so many people who are unemployed, struggling greatly financially, wondering where their next meal is coming from and if they're going to lose their homes.  Our church alone is FULL of unemployed people.  

We can be tempted to look around us at all the suffering and wonder at God.  Why does He allow such things?  

And yet, because of our faith, we cling to a God who knows exactly what He is doing and we choose to trust.  We choose to take hold of His promises.  We choose to believe.

After all, His eye is on the sparrow, and so how much more is He watching over each of us today?  If you're hurting today, if you are wondering if He cares, if He sees, please remember how much God loves you.  You are so very important to Him.  

So I sing because I'm happy
And I sing because I'm free;
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


We had an awesome worship service this weekend.  And so it shouldn't surprise me that Satan had all kinds of ploys to keep me from attending.  I've heard it said that when God is getting ready to move in a mighty way, the evil one steps in with all sorts of attempts to thwart His plans.  It all started with the van threatening to break down on Friday (see previous post). Yesterday, Caden woke up screaming and had me worried to no end after an evening of intestinal trouble the night before.  He slept alright, but was really out of sorts and coughing a terrible amount when he woke up.  We were scheduled to sing at church this weekend.  Jerry actually had a featured solo with a small ensemble backing him up to the song "I Can Only Imagine." I was seriously starting to wonder if I was going to be able to sing given Caden's state.  

I ended up taking him to the doctor yesterday morning, but thankfully they seemed to think it was just allergies.  He's never been officially diagnosed with seasonal allergies, but it would stand to reason that he'd get them since he's part of this family!  He seemed to perk up as the day went on, so all was well.  My kids had to keep themselves busy for three hours while we rehearsed and even though they got a little rambunctious at times, I have to give them props for their effort.

The service went well last night (we do three per weekend) and we were even able to attend a surprise birthday party for our small group leader afterward.

This morning, I'd decided that I'd go to the church separately so that I didn't have to rush the boys out of bed and have them sit at church an hour early.  We were all up and getting ready when Jerry left and all was well.  We were headed out the door on time when I reached for my keys on the hook by the door.  They weren't there.  I looked all over the house and then realized they were locked in the van.  I had that horrible pit-in-my-stomach feeling when I called my husband who was already there.  I wish I could tell you that I handled the situation with grace, but the truth is I was not at all "holy" in my behavior.  On the contrary.  

To make a long story short (I know....too late!), we ended up getting there almost in time.  We only missed the opening song.  

Here's why I think there was major spiritual warfare going this weekend.  We had a communion service, for one, which is always so special as we remember what Christ has done for us and His awesome sacrifice.  The music was very reflective and there was just something really special about it this weekend (and I'm not saying it's because we were singing!).  I believe it was truly annointed.  We all felt it.  Our worship pastor sang a hymn medley that blew me away...and at one point even he got choked up.  There weren't many dry eyes in the church today.  I could barely get through "I can Only Imagine."  The song has so much meaning for me on a normal day, in fact I can't even listen to it on the radio without crying.  

I just love it when the Spirit of God moves among His people.  It is amazing to think that someday we will get to do NOTHING but worship Him...and that won't even begin to compare to our earthly experiences.  

We can only imagine...

Friday, September 05, 2008

One of Those Days

The day started out fine, like any other, and out we went to Cody's violin lesson this morning. Upon arriving at the driver side door of the van, I noticed a suspicious fluid that had drained out from underneath the van.  My head uttered the words I dared not speak:  "Oh please Lord. Not again." Further inspection indicated it was green fluid.  The same fluid that was spraying out the back of the van a week ago.  I immediately dialed the mechanic who, $1400 dollars later, had fixed the van.  He told me to go ahead and bring it in.

Easier said than done.  While I was driving the 45 minutes it took me to get from the violin lesson location to the mechanic, the van started to overheat.  Calmly, I dialed my husband, who would know what to do. He advised me to turn on the heat and roll down the windows. Mission accomplished.  The temperature gauge quickly fell out of the danger zone.  I started searching for my towing service card just in case.

We made it safely to our mechanic in one piece and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I was so grateful to have made it there without any smoking or other strange things happening from underneath the hood of our van!  

I took the boys to the nearest location to keep us occupied, because we were technically stranded until we had working wheels again.  So we ended up at Target for three hours attempting to kill time.  We covered every square inch of the store, from the clearanced school supply items to the kleenex aisle.  

We finally got the call we were waiting for:  This leak was a new one.  It was not coming from the area they'd worked on last week.  I was actually disappointed because that meant that there was yet another problem with the van.  I meekly asked him what the damage was going to be while desperately clinging to the cart I was pushing.  

He said, "Well, technically, this is a new problem, but I'm not going to charge you."


And so the end of this story has a happy ending.  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for the outcome.  The flip side is that we got nothing done today, but I suppose that doesn't really matter.  

Our pocketbook was spared.  Well, unless you count the $18 I spend at Target.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I've Never Seen So Many Legos!

**Updated to add:  Some of you have asked where this is located.  It's not a theme park or anything.  It's the new store in Schaumburg at Streets of Woodfield.  There's a huge giraffe made of legos (go figure!) out front.  You can't miss it!  A word to the wise, however:  It is very expensive.  It will range anywhere from $15-20/person (2 and under are free).  We got a group rate so we only paid $6 per person.  See if you can find a coupon.  I wouldn't pay full price!**

Last Friday, we took our first official field trip with our homeschool group and we went to the newly built Legoland in our area.  Seriously, I didn't know you could build so many things with legos.  It was truly an amazing sight to see.  This was one of my favorite creations...don't you see a strange resemblence, what with all the missing teeth and such?
They had a replica of the city of Chicago, complete with the lights dimming at regular intervals so we could see it all lit up at night. This is Navy Pier. 
I personally loved this life-size Batman.  They also had Darth Vader!
We also saw a really cool 4-D movie, attended a presentation on how legos are made, and the boys had lots of opportunities to build their own creations.  (There are no pictures here of Caden because he wouldn't stop long enough for me to take his picture.  Every single picture features the back or top of his head!  He had a ball!)  It was a very cool place to visit, and I'm not even a huge fan of legos.  (Maybe it's because I'm always stepping or tripping on them...ouch!)  At any rate, the boys had a great time.  

We're off to a good start, and school is going well.  We are all adjusting to a somewhat new routine (though I'd started this summer so we could all get the feel for it), and so far, things feel pretty natural and surprisingly normal.  I'm thinking that's a good thing!

Oh, and for those who are keeping track, we've had no more mouse sightings.  Thank you, Jesus.

Monday, September 01, 2008

I'm just wondering: Was it Mickey or Minnie?

Yesterday, while preparing for dinner guests, I opened the silverware drawer and started digging around for a butter knife.  I suddenly noticed little wood shavings near my Wilton frosting spreaders....and they were scattered all over the drawer.  When I pulled the drawer out and investigated further, I saw the dreaded droppings that could only mean one thing:  MICE.

I quickly remembered that my neighbors have had the same experience, and so we called them for advice.  

Once I got over my initial disgust and cleaned and sanitized everything in the drawer, and re-washed the silverware now sitting on my dinner table awaiting guests, I went into "JUST KILL IT" mode.  

I am happy to report that this morning the score is:


I'll keep you updated as the stats change.