Friday, February 01, 2008


Tonight we had the blessing of being invited over to dinner with some friends who just recently bought their first home. They are so hospitable, and we love them to pieces. It still blows my mind that we are friends today, all because I taught their daughters when they were in high school. Today, those girls are both expecting her second child, and the next expecting her first baby in about a month. I honestly believe the Lord had me at that school so that I would have the blessing of knowing this wonderful family. They are precious people, full of wisdom that I try to soak in whenever I am with them. I just honestly and truly enjoy every single moment I get to spend with them.

Anyway...we were sitting at their dinner table tonight, and before we blessed the meal, they did something I had never seen them do before. We all took hands, bowed our heads and they began to sing the "Doxology."

I immediately began to tear up, as this song is so special to me. What a tender moment to share with them, and what a sweet God He is to give me that moment this very week. My heart has been heavy for many reasons, and I really needed the warmth of those hands and the sound of us all singing tonight to remind me that my God knows my heart, hears my cries, and longs for me to praise Him at ALL times. Even when it's hard. Even when I've been wronged. Even when I'M wrong. I need to praise Him continually.

So we closed our eyes and sang, "Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen." God knew I needed to hear it. And more importantly, sing it.

I felt like I received a kiss from God tonight. I felt in my spirit that He was saying, "I love you, my child. You are mine, I am yours. You just keep praising me, even when it's hard, and I will walk beside you all the way."

Don't you just love that God keeps His promises? I, for one, will sleep better tonight as I keep that thought at the forefront of my mind.

Praise Him, all creatures here below!


Jennisa said...

Hey! Sorry you're having email problems. It's here

Kari Lynn said...

I am so thankful that HE does not give up on me. I am so thankful for the faithful people in my life that help show me how God works.
Hap-I am so glad that you had your spirits lifted tonight.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Those are precious moments indeed. I love it when that happens! Only God knows how to give us joy unspeakable!