Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Don't Want to Say Good-Bye to Dolly

It's almost over.

And I'm relishing every moment.

Doing this show has been great for my marriage, my boys, and me personally.  Jerry and I have had a blast doing our first musical together.  We have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this production and the new family we've gotten to know over these past couple of months.  They have embraced us with so much love and kindness, and we feel so blessed.  It has also brought my family together in a special way, and I will remember this experience always.  (Thanks again for everything, Mom and Kari!)  Most importantly, we all love Jesus and each other, and that is what makes this experience so different from community theatre.  I can't describe it any other's just really special.

For all these reasons and so many more, I am going to miss playing Dolly Levi.  She and I have had a blast working together again, and I'm so thankful I didn't let "the parade pass by."

Four more shows.

I'll treasure every moment.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Day!

We had a fun-filled day in the windy city on Monday.  The boys have been so patient as we've had so many shows and rehearsals in the past couple of months, and we wanted to reward them with a trip into the city.  First stop, Ed Debevic's for lunch.  Upon learning that the waiters were supposed to be mean to you, Cody burst into tears and asked, "Why are they going to be mean to me???"  Such a sensitive guy, that one.  Once we sat down, he began to enjoy the experience and even laughed a little bit. Our waiter's character was super-nerdy and made us laugh pretty hard when he danced on the tables. Ya gotta love that place!
Next stop, Navy Pier.  We all enjoyed the ferris wheel (here's a view from the top) and the boys will tell you that was their favorite part.  I had never ridden it before, but it was a very relaxing and beautiful way to see the city.
Here's Cody and Caden enjoying the ride...
On the pier with Daddy...
Outside Ed's.  Obviously, all smiles after lunch.  No harm done by "nasty" waiters.  A funny side note though:  As we were leaving, another couple (not from around these parts, apparently, judging from their accent) got greeted by a different waiter, and when he left their table, they both looked at each other aghast.  We asked them if they knew that the waiters were supposed to act that way, and they both shook their heads no.  Once we told them that a bad attitude was part of their "schtick" they both laughed and said they understood.  You'd think the Chicago guide books would tell you that part about the restaurant!!!
And last, but not least, Caden enjoying his chocky milk.  Such a cutie pie. 
Have a great day, everyone!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello Dolly!

I have refrained from posting any photos from the show up to this point because I wanted my family to be completely surprised when they came to see it.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this production, and performing with Jerry has been a blast.  (Pictures to come soon of the two of us together...we have yet to take any!) This is kind of a silly photo of me, but I like how it gives a nice view of the backdrop.

We have been having such a wonderful time, and it meant so much to look out among the sea of faces and see my family sitting out there smiling (and sometimes crying) last night.  This show is so special to us all, and it's been a joy sharing this experience with them.  I truly feel so incredibly humbled to be a part of this show. I don't know when another opportunity like this might come along again, and I am so happy to be portraying the role of Mrs. Dolly Levi.  I love her to pieces!

If any of you are interested in seeing the production, here is my shameless plug.  : )  All ticket information can be found there, but if you want to come, move fast.  Tickets are selling quickly.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wake-Up Call

Caden woke up in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm.  He usually sleeps right through them, but I heard him cry out around 4:30 a.m.  I sat with him on the glider and held and rocked him for a while.  He's still little enough to snuggle in my lap, and he loves being rocked.  I love that.  I made sure he was okay, and then I gently put him back in his bed and covered him up.  I tip-toed to the door, and just as I was about to leave, I heard him say, "Mommy!"  I walked over and whispered, "What, baby?" and I saw his little hand go up in the air.  It was dark, but in the glow of the nightlight, and as I leaned in a little closer, I could see he was doing the sign for "I love you."  

As exhausted as I am right now, that little wake up call was the sweetest thing ever.  

Saturday, July 04, 2009

It's Independence Day!

Jerry and I had the privilege of singing "The National Anthem" at a local festival last night.  We were asked back after we sang last year, and we were excited to have the opportunity again. 

We sang right before Eddie Money performed, and he did a little "meet and greet" beforehand. I can't say I've ever actually been a fan of his music, but it was nice that he was willing to take a photo with us.
After we sang, the boys had some fun on the attractions.  Caden was so cute to watch.  I just love seeing my boys smile!
The best $5 we spent all night....watching Cody jump and flip on the bungee bouncer thing (sorry, don't know the technical term for it!).  He had a blast!
And last, but definitely NOT least, a photo of the boys riding on the kiddie rollercoaster.  I absolutely adore this picture of them!  Look at the joy on those faces.  Too cute.

Happy Independence Day, everyone.  I'm so thankful for the freedom we have in the U.S.A.  God bless America and each of you.