Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creation Museum

We are enjoying our week tremendously.  I will reveal where we've been as I update the blog.  I am going to post in the order that we did each activity.  We have had an amazing week together and made memories that will definitely last a lifetime.  One of the stand-outs of this trip was our visit to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. What an experience.  To walk through a place where God is so unashamedly proclaimed, without apology, and to see Truth proven throughout the entire place was soul-inspiring, to say the least.  I wish I could take every unbeliever I know and lead him or her by the hand so that they could see that the Word is TRUTH!  This sign is toward the beginning of the tour through the museum.  It certainly hit home for me.
Right after you see this, walls full of today's headlines are splashed everywhere.  I don't even have words to describe my emotions as I looked at the reminders before me...all the ways we've abandoned God as a culture (click on the photo below to see just a hint of what we saw on the walls around us).  It was chilling.

Another very powerful moment for me was looking at a display that took us through bible prophecy dating back to the very beginning of time, laying out history and showing that hundreds of bible prophecies have been fulfilled and that none of them have failed.  You could have heard a pin drop in that part of the museum, as people just stared at the timeline of one historical event after another leading up to now....BACKED UP WITH SCRIPTURE.  (While in that area of the museum, there is a flatscreen television with one person after another proclaiming God's Word.   I loved this sign:  
Throughout our entire week, we've been working on memorizing this (I think it's a great witnessing tool when sharing Christ with people):
One thing I really appreciated about this place was the fact that they displayed both sides of the argument (Creation versus evolution).  They lined up the "logic" side by side with scripture and and allowed you to see how the two stack up.  I personally think it takes more faith to believe that we emerged from primordial ooze than it does to believe there is a CREATOR who made it so.
If you've never visited the Creation Museum in Petersburg Kentucky, you simply must.  It is worth every penny you will pay in the admission price and you will walk out of there changed. I am planning on telling everyone I know about this amazing place.  More to come soon....

A Little Hint....

There's so much to fill you in on...but until I have the ability to do so, this will have to suffice.

Can you guess where we are?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kari!

Today is my sister's birthday!!!  

Happy Birthday, Kari!

I am so thankful that Kari and I are only five years apart, because I've had the privilege of walking closely in her footsteps.  And what a great example she has been to follow!

Kari, I have so many happy memories of our years growing up together, memories we love recalling when we're together:  The "magic" that was Nanny and Poppop's house, Husker football, the shows we've done (and all the entertaining people we've met along the way), doing "tricks" in the middle of the living room floor, inching ever closer to the coffee table (making mom nuts with worry that somebody was going to get hurt).  Then there were the Indian burns, the barbies you wouldn't let me play with (oops, sorry, I didn't mean to let that slip out), and the event that led to your aversion of all things chipmunk.

Though I can't recall specific times you held my tiny hand when we walked across a busy street, I'm sure you held it tightly, for you always have been my big sister, always protective, ever looking out for my best interests.

You are loyal and faithful...always giving to others, showing concern and compassion for those you love, and never complaining.  

God has allowed each of us to experience some times of loss and pain, and you've always been there to lay a reassuring hand on my shoulder.  Without saying much, I know you understand.

You've stood beside me on my wedding day, held my hand as my newborn babies entered the world, and cried beside me in times of sadness.  Laughed with me, cheered for me, listened to me.  

I am blessed beyond measure to call you "Sister."

Legend has it that you went into a closet to hide and threatened never to come out when I came into the world in 1973.  

I hope you've since changed your mind about me. 

You're the best big sister a girl could ask for. 

God bless you on this momentous occasion and may He grant you more wonderful memories ahead.

The Best is Yet to Come. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Caden!

Once again, I am totally late wishing my NOW three year-old a happy birthday.  Caden celebrated his birthday last weekend, and we commemorated the occasion by going to have photos done of the boys at the beginning of the day.  Next, we headed to Build-A-Bear where he got a new friend zebra.  Last stop was Rainforest Cafe, his favorite place to eat lunch, as long as you avoid the big crocodile at the entrance!  He's not a fan.

When asked what Cody loves the most about his brother, he'll quickly tell you "He's sooooo funny, and he makes me laugh!"  This is true.  He is such a funny, outgoing kid.  He loves life and his energy and enthusiasm for the littlest things seem to affect everyone around him.  

And so, on his third birthday, here are some things about my little man, Caden, that I love so dearly and always want to remember (that is, after all, why I blog!):
  • He is seriously the funniest kid I know.  He is hilarious, and it takes a lot of strength to keep it together when he's doing something charming (but not appropriate!).  
  • He is honest.  He tells you how he's feeling, even when you don't really care to hear it.
  • He's a friend to all.  If somebody new walks through the door, he is positive they are there to play with him and he'll immediately invite them to come in and play.
  • He loves music, especially Go Fish.
  • His newest phrase is, "I need you."  And he reaches up to me with his little arms and bats those long irresistible eyelashes, and I'm toast.
  • He's strong-willed.  I am very thankful that he is this way, for I believe this quality will serve him well in life.  God knows what He's doing!
  • He seriously annoys the dog.  And his brother. 
  • But he looks up to his brother and they are great friends.  The dog...notsomuch.
  • He is full of personality and life, but he also has a very soft and sweet spirit.
  • He still loves to be rocked, cuddled, and sung to....I love those quiet, tender moments.
  • He has a REALLY short fuse.  Seriously short, and I can't imagine where he gets it. **cough, cough.**
  • He adores his entire family, but he is especially fond of his cousins.
  • He needs to know what we're doing every moment of the day and in the correct order.  
  • When he awakens in the morning (or after his nap), he MUST have his juice.
  • He doesn't like being cold. (But who does?)
  • He has a HUGE sweet tooth.
  • I think he's going to have the same issue with Coca-Cola that I do.  
  • He knows the words to every song in "The Sound of Music."  He loves "Do-Re-Mi" and "The Lonely Goatherd."
  • He looks incredibly sweet when he's sleeping.  
  • He can turn anything into a sword or a light saber.
  • We can't imagine our family without him.
We love you, sweet Caden.  Happy 3rd birthday!

From the Mouth of a Stranger

I took the boys to run some errands yesterday, and they both had to use the "facilities."  Cody took Caden into the big boys room and I waited outside the door to make sure they were both okay.  When it was time to wash hands, I took Caden into the ladies room and then came out and waited for Cody to finish up.  Hand in hand, we walked back out and I heard a male voice behind me say, "UGH, I don't miss THOSE days at all, and I'll bet you won't either." And then, as we stopped to turn around, his eyes scanned our trio and he shook his my job must be the hardest one on earth.

(I'll admit, it is the hardest job on earth, but it's one that I wouldn't trade for anything in this world. I love my job.)

And with all the kindness I could muster up (and with the help of God, of course), I looked down at those two precious faces, hands clenched in mine, and smiled.  

"Yes I will miss these days.  I'm sure of it."

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

The birthday boy had a less-than-relaxing day with the kiddos last Sunday (his actual birthday) while I completed the last show.  Little did he know, I had a little surprise for him up my sleeve afterward.  I invited a few of Jerry's friends and family members to join us for dinner at his favorite pizza place...but he had no idea!  He thought he was just going to have dinner with us.  I was thrilled I was able to pull off the surprise and the look on his face says it all, doesn't it?  25 people arrived early to surprise him, and he was greeted with lots of smiling faces, balloons...and of course, cake!

Honey, even though I'm a few days late, happy birthday!  I hope that this year is a wonderful one for you and that you are constantly reminded of how very loved and appreciated you are. Thank you for taking such great care of us.  We are so blessed.  Here's to many more years and happy memories.  I love you!