Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Been A Day.

Can I just go back to bed and wake up tomorrow already?

Here's how my day went:

1. Wake up at 5:30 a.m. to a cranky crying toddler.
2. Cancel meeting at church because of said toddler.
3. Get a call from the bank which required me to go to the bank and give the issue attention.
4. Bank is about twenty minutes from home and tired toddler falls asleep en route. At 11 a.m.
5. Deal with some emotions which I will not go into here.
6. Toddler wakes up and begins pitching a fit in the middle of Hobby Lobby.
7. Shopping trip is cut short because of said toddler.
8. Come home and start cleaning the house only to find that it's pointless. Refer to said toddler.
9. Drink a coke to stay awake.
10. Wait for lesson to arrive.
11. While teaching lesson, phone rings six times. In five minutes.
12. It's the dinner hour. While waiting for food, husband calls. He's not coming home between work and choir practice.
13. Toddler is wailing due to hunger and crabbiness.
14. Toddler bites big brother because of apparent hunger and crabbiness.
15. Now brother is wailing.
16. Toddler in time out. Screaming begins.
17. Phone rings. AGAIN.
18. Dinner on the table. Screaming continues.
19. Mother too stressed out to think about food.
20. Mother glad tomorrow's a new day, and thankful for listening ears that made it better. You all know who you are. : )


Tonya said...

Yes tomorrow is a new day! I got up at 5:30am too but because we had no heat.

Just T said...

aww I won't go into a comment about "we've all been, there, done that" speech.

Instead I will offer you a cyber hug and wish you a better day tomorrow :)

chrissy said...

What a rough one!! Hope your day ended early and I hope you get the rest you need!! Better tomorrow!

Sheryl said...

OH girl, I've had days like that before. Hope you get some rest and tomorrow (err today) will be much better!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

I Can completely relate... in the trenches myself these days!

Praise God His mercies are new every morning!!!!

Praying for a better day today for you.

BTW I went right over to pyzam and redid my blog when I visited here:) I love your new look!

Glass Half Full said...

Oh boy, we've all had those days!!!

Hoping for a better one....


mom on a mission said...

It's like you were watching by satelite or something! Man, those days are rough...but you survived and ended your post with a :-)! It's hard to be content with "survival" but sometimes that's all I can focus on...getting through it until a new day arrives. Toddlers, toddlers, we love toddlers!!!!