Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Know You Failed at Dinner When....

1. Five year-old looks at plate and says, what else are we having?

2. Oh, so this eggplant isn't ALL? (Sighs with relief until...)

3. He finds out we're also having marinated cucumbers. But wait, we're also having corn on the cob!

4. Then he asks, "Are we at LEAST having dessert?"

5. Folds hands with resignation when told no.

6. Eats it anyway and even smiles and says thank you afterwards.

7. Cleans up his spot at the table and gets a big hug from mommy for being such a good sport.

F.Y.I. We had fried eggplant (the way my mama used to make it, though mine never tastes as good as hers), marinated cucumbers in Italian dressing and corn on the cob. I lovingly refer to this meal as "veggie nite." I love it in the summer because it's light and fresh and I happen to love all the things on the menu.

So it wasn't as big of a hit as I'd hoped. But the produce looked so good at the store! Hopefully tomorrow night I'll hit the jackpot with "make your own pizza." Surely that's going to get a standing ovation!


Amber said...

Pizza night is a guarantee but kudos for making a go at Veggie Night. :-)

Kim said...

You didnt fail, you fed your family a healty meal! And the fact that he ate it anyway proves it! Pizza is always more fun though!

Glass Half Full said...

Oh I hate those moments....when ALL my men are not too thrilled with dinner.

Pizza night should be a hit!

Kari Lynn said...

Sounds yummy! Ashley would starve. She doesn't like veggies.

Tonya said...

that actually sounds really good to me, but I'm not a 5 yr old ;)