Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just Call Me the First Lady

Around lunchtime today, my husband called me from campus and shared the most wonderful news...he has been elected president of his graduating class! This means that he will be delivering a speech at Commencement as well as conducting the choir and orchestra for the college at (drumroll, please) the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Hall! For those of you that don't know, my husband has been working on his master's degree in music education and will complete it at the end of July.

As you can see, I am very proud of him and just had to share. You may now address me as "Madame First Lady" now. I'm only kidding. NO really. Bow down.


Jaime said...

Jerry, we are so proud of you! Congrats on finishing a master's with a full time job, wife and 2 kiddos. It was enough for me to finish it just by myself! Love to all 4 of you!

Hap, we're welcoming Baby Hall in January '08...had to share our exciting news! Love you!

Glass Half Full said...

Cool! Give that man a pat on the back!!