Friday, June 01, 2007

Ball, Barbie, and Beth

Yesterday was Cody's first T-ball game. What a hoot. All my other friends-of-boys told me that I would get the biggest kick out of seeing a bunch of four and five year-olds attempting to play baseball, but it truly was better than I expected! Jerry is coaching our team, lovingly named the Bluebirds, and it was so cool to see father and son throwing the ball around during warm-ups. Four out of the five kids on the team are from Cody's pre-school class, and he was so! excited! when he found out who was on his team. He was a real trooper through all five innings and Caden even seemed to enjoy himself, despite being hit in the head by a ball. Good thing heads are hard.

My friend Barbie had her fourth little girl, Kendra. Please stop by to wish she and her family of six well! The entire family had battled the dreaded stomach bug just prior to baby Kendra's arrival, and I was so glad to know that they all had just enough time to get over it before their sweet little one arrived. God is so good.
Finally, I read this yesterday from our beloved Beth Moore and just had to post a link here for your reading pleasure. If you're a man, don't bother. You wouldn't understand.
Have a great weekend!


Glass Half Full said...

There is a special feeling when i see my hubby play with my boys. GOOD MEMORIES!!

I'll be clicking over to Barbie's site soon....

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Oh, thanks so much for mentioning me:) That was so thoughtful!

T-ball has to be soo fun to watch! And to see you husband and son do it together must be great!

Have a great weekend Happi:)