Monday, June 30, 2008

Brotherly Love

Can I just tell you how much I am loving summer so far?  We are having such a great time, and it's not even that we're doing all that much.  I think the main thing is that we're just enjoying one another's company.  It's great, first of all, having my husband home for the first time in our married life.  Every summer previous to this was consumed by jobs he had or hours away at graduate school. This summer he has the luxury of being home every day.  And though he's hard at work painting the house (when the weather cooperates!), he's also getting to spend time with us, and that's been a blessing.  I have to say, though, that one of the best things I've witnessed as a result of us spending all this time together has been the bond I'm seeing develop between my two boys.  The TV is hardly on, and these two are becoming such buds.  I'll be in the kitchen washing dishes and I'll hear them giggling and laughing together.  Sometimes I'll overhear them playing a game from another room with Cody patiently teaching his little brother how it's done. And then yesterday, when they were coloring together, Cody had apparently made Caden a picture.  I heard him say, "Hey Caden, why don't we put this in your pack-n-play so that you can look at it and remember me!"  (Caden sometimes gets put in his pack-n-play when he's refusing to obey for whatever reason.)  I thought that was so cute that Cody would want him to have something to remember him by when he's been put in there! But, by far, my favorite moment between these two took place this morning while I was getting ready to take the boys to the pool.  I overheard them in the living room singing songs we always sing before bed. We have a tradition we started with them when they were babies, and singing is always a part of that (go figure).  Anyway, I heard them both singing these songs, Caden requesting one after the other. But when I peered around the corner to see it for myself, the scene was absolutely adorable. Caden was sitting in the middle of a neon green inter tube and Cody was sitting behind him, little legs wrapped around the tube, little arms wrapped around his brother while they hugged and sang and swayed to the music.  I am telling you, that scene will be forever in my memory as long as the dear Lord allows, for it was absolutely precious.  Forget about the pool, the sunshine, and the baseball games.  I'll take that moment again and again ANY day!
"How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!"
~Psalm 33:1


Barbie@ Mamaology said...

What a cute picture to imagine:)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

Jody said...

Oh, Hapi! What a sweet memory. I'm glad you are enjoying your summer.

Tonya said...

I love when the kids play good together! Glad you are enjoying your summer.

Just T said...

Please forgive me Happi. I haven't stopped by your blog in what seems like FOREVER!!! I am totally loving your new blog look.

That is so sweet about your boys. It's great when siblings play nicely together and compliment each other, esp. when they don't think anyone else is listening!

Enjoy your Summer. We are in the middle of Winter here and brrr it's cold!

Kari said...

Awwww-so sweet! We've been blessed to have several moments like that between The Things this summer . . . right up to the point when Thing 2 hauled off and slugged her older sister a couple of days ago. (I really need to get the nice moments on video to remind me!)