Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Graduate

Coming to you by popular demand (well, okay, by request of one V.I.P. on this blog: My sister, Kari)!

Here is Cody receiving his diploma from our now retired school superintendent:

Here he is with his official diploma:

And here he is with the best kindergarten teacher a kid (or mom) could ask for:

Happy Graduation, sweet Cody!


Kari said...


Thanks for the photos! I can't wait to show them to the girls tomorrow.

Has he gotten taller since I last saw him?????

Tell him that Auntie Kari says CONGRATS!!!

Kari Lynn said...

Aww! I love his cap! I remember when Tyler graduated from preschool and wore a cap. So long ago! Good luck with the homeschooling. You can do it!

Glass Half Full said...

Congrats Cody!


Jessica said...

Hey girl! Thanks for checking on me and congrats to Cody! I actually just had someone this past week ask me if I'd heard of Ginger Plowman, so I'll be checking on that this week!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Congrats to your little man:).

And I'm sooo excited to hear your news below! It seems that God has clearly lead you to this decision... so I'm sure He will guide you through it. Praying for you.

And lets set up a play date soon with Julie V. ok:) my e-mail is on my blog.