Thursday, July 03, 2008

Anyone Need a Good Vocal Coach?

Last night, on our way home from dinner with friends last night, the boys and I were talking about what our plans are for tonight.  I told him that daddy and I would be singing the National Anthem at a festival in a neighboring suburb.  (Apparently we're opening for the Little River Band....I used to have one of their CDs when I was in high school.  Cool!) Anyway, Cody asked, "What does the National Anthem sound like again?"  I decided this was a good opportunity to practice it , and I started to sing it.  

When I got to the end, there was nothing but silence.  A couple of seconds later, Cody said (in a very matter of fact way), "Well, mom, it was really good until you got to the end. "  

"Oh," I said.  "What was wrong with the end?"

"Well, it was that note...the high one."

"Uh. huh.  I see.  And what was wrong with it?"

"Your pitch, mom.  It didn't sound very good."

"Yes, well.  Let me try it again and see if I can do it better this time."

"Okay, mom.  I think that would be a good idea."

I sang the end again and this time, I sat up straight and tried to use more support at 10 p.m. while driving the minivan in a blinding rainstorm so I might impress my son.

"Oh yes, mom.  Sooooo much better."

I think I just found myself a good vocal coach.  Do you think it matters that he's only six?


Tonya said...

That is too funny! You took that in stride too. I would have gotten my feelings hurt.

Kari Lynn said...

Of course he would be a good vocal coach, his momma taught him well! I really miss you! Have a great holiday weekend! Love ya!

Julie V. said...

Can we hire Cody as our vocal coach? That is soooooo funny. It's amazing to think that he has that ability already to tell when someone's pitch is off. I wouldn't know that myself. Talk about God given talents that just need to continue to be harvested (and I know you are doing a great job of that).

Have a great 4th of July.



Tonya said...

Hey Happi,
I just emailed you and I'm not sure if I sent it to the right account. Let me know if you get it.

Glass Half Full said...

So funny!!