Monday, June 02, 2008

Motherhood isn't for Wimps

I think I read that somewhere recently.  I have always known this to be true, but having a sick child causes one to really dig deep and find that place of strength that only mothers know about. They get in touch with it for the first time during childbirth, and it continues on as the children grow.

Last night, after making a call to the doctor, we were sent to the ER.  Caden has the croup, and I knew that's what it was, but around bedtime, his breathing became labored and shallow.  He seemed unusually irritable, he wouldn't eat, and I started to get concerned.

We arrived there at 8:30 p.m., signed in, and proceeded to wait.  And wait.  And wait.

At 11 p.m., we were finally escorted into an actual room.  We waited another hour before anyone came to see us.

I finally peeked my head out and asked how much longer it would be.  That seemed to jog their memory.

At midnight, we were finally seen by the doctor and told that yes, he did indeed have croup, and after evaluating what she heard in his chest, she sent in a nurse to administer an oral steroid.  

This seemed to have immediate effects.  First, he began to breathe easier.  Then, he proceeded to recite "Ten Little Monkeys" complete with the jumping on the hospital bed.  This continued for the next hour, while awaiting our turn to have chest x-rays.  (The x-ray was fine.)

I called my sister who happened to be in Las Vegas this past weekend, because she's been through this before.  

She laughed when I told her he was acting like a maniac and said that was normal after taking steroids.  She encouraged me to give up trying to make him efforts would be fruitless. The doctors and nurses got the biggest kick out of him because he was the happiest person there last night.  Of course.  The moment we walk into the ER he perks up.  

I wished I had my camera, but something inside told me it would have been in poor taste to pull it out of my purse and start snapping pictures.

However, today, I'm desperately wishing I'd taken a picture of him lying on his back on the bed in his little clown-covered gown with that huge adorable smile of his.

No.  Motherhood isn't for wimps.  But this mama got broken in last night.  It was, after all, my first visit to the ER with a sick child.  And I must say, aside from the ridiculously long wait, that it went remarkably well.

Today I have another badge on my Motherhood Vest, and I'll wear it proudly.


Jody said...

I'm glad Caden is feeling better. I always take pictures (as long as it isn't life or death).

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I'm so glad he's ok! Those nights are rough. Hope you're doing well today!


Jessica said...

Glad Caden didn't have anything too serious! I have had several of those nights and they are a true test of patience and wear you thin! Hope y'all got to sleep in today!

Kari Lynn said...

Glad Caden is okay. How are you? They bounce back way quicker than we do from moments like that .

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

It's always at night! So glad things went well:) and yes Motherhood is NOT for wimps!

Glass Half Full said...

Croup. Hum, I think I've typed that word 10+ times on my blog. Our nebulizer has saved us countless trips to the hospital. Love that machine!


Julie V. said...

Dear Happi,

Hey- I recognize that statement "Mothering is not for wimps," but I wrote "parenting!"

I'm so sorry to hear about Caden, but I'm glad your first trip to ER went well. We've had numerous trips to the ER!!!

All 3 of our children have been sick in the past week. I guess I was wrong about germs leaving after it gets warmer. Emma is the latest victim to whatever is going around here in our household. I think a call to our doctor is in order. We've been to the Pediatricians, an ENT, to the hospital for a CT scan and to Physical therapy for Emma- just in the past week. I'm an expert going to the

Congratulations Cody!! Way to go. We are so proud of you graduating from Kindergarten.

Take care.