Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Hope He Doesn't Have Handcuffs

Now that your interest is piqued, let me tell you about my morning.

After taking my darling son to violin class this morning, we decided to make a quick pit stop to our neighborhood video store.  I have actually never rented a video from this particular location, so imagine my surprise when, as I was leaving, I ended up making a wrong turn out of the parking lot.

And was immediately struck by the beautiful bright red and blue flashing lights behind me.

That happened to belong to a city officer in a black, unmarked police car.

To which my six year-old stated:  "MOM!  I hope he doesn't have handcuffs!"  Thank you, son, for those reassuring and calming words.

Now, before you judge me for making a left turn where it clearly said "NO LEFT TURN" please understand something.

I have never gone to this location.  And there were two directions you could turn.  Only one was for the people pulling in.  I misunderstood, and I used it for pulling out.

And it's turning out to be a costly mistake.

I immediately admitted my wrong to the friendly (NOT SO MUCH) police officer and explained that I knew the moment I did it that I shouldn't have.  I got flustered and confused and instead of turning around and going out a different exit, I made a snap decision.  

As my lovely son has continued to remind me, "Mom.  You broke the law."

Need I continue to tell you how the rest of the day has been for me?

Not only that, but apparently in our state they take your license as bond (thankfully I had a motor club card that Officer Friendly took in its place) and I have to either appear in court or go to traffic school to not have it go on my driving record.  Both of these options basically double the fee I would have to pay.   

Decisions, decisions.

All I can hope for now is that I don't make any more mistakes of this nature.

Of course I worry about my otherwise immaculate driving record (don't laugh, sis, I know you're reading.  It's been quite a few years since my last violation).

More importantly, I'd rather not be caught sitting in the middle of a major intersection with those bright lights flashing in my rearview mirror while my child wonders whether or not I'll be hauled off to jail.  

And today, though I am head over heels crazy about my husband, I kinda wish he chose criminal justice instead of education.

I'm just sayin'.  It would be nice to have connections.


Doodlebug said...

Oh my goodness! Officer Friendly should have given you a break! I have done that before myself. I also have a child who would react the same way! I hate that it happened to you. Makes for a very bad day.

On another note, I emailed you back last night. So you could look for it. ;)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh no!! Hope it all works out!


Kari said...


If Cody is ANYTHING like my Things, then he will surely proceed to tell anyone and everyone about your violation. (What happens in this house STAYS in this house.) Oye.

Good luck with that one.

Love ya!

Jody said...

Oh, no! Officer (not so) Friendly could have at least let you off with a warning considering you were honest about your mistake! I hope it all works out.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

OH that really stinks! Why couldn't he have given you a warning?

Glass Half Full said...

Ick - talk about "when we face many trials".

Hope everything works out!


Charity said...

so glad you're not in jail, hap! =) Goodness, I finally updated my blog... it had been a few months!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Man that's a bit rough for a mistake! Sorry to hear you have to make such a yucky decision:)!

Kari Lynn said...

Wow, harsh!