Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little Leaguer

What do you get when you have a two year-old, a dog, and a baseball field?  You get a mother who can't keep track of her aspiring baseball player who loves to run out onto the field (TWICE!), thus annoying everyone except the assistant coach (daddy).  

And you also get a two year-old chanting, "DO TODY, DO TODY, DO TODY!!!! (Go Cody!) when his brother got three hits.

Now that's some brotherly love.  

He loved the game so much he just had to be out there to share in the fun.

Isn't that sweet?

Now tell that mother to control her kid and to never bring that dog again!  


Glass Half Full said...

HA! Mark is notorious for chanting, "Go Matt! Matt! Look at me, Matt!" After a while, I have to put an end to it because unless Matt looks back at him, he just keeps going on and on and on...


Tonya said...

To funny! I love when the kids cheer, my kids say some of the funniest things when "cheering" for their aunt who is in High School. Also when I came to your page today it loaded right away!

Kari said...

Awww . . . brotherly love. Cassidy was moping around this morning (as Mackenzie slumbered away) saying, "It's just no fun when my sister's not awake." Awwww. So sweet. Now go and do what past generations have done to display sibling love. Research the art of Indian burns, my child. :-) LOL!