Wednesday, June 11, 2008

As if the Baseball Game isn't Entertaining Enough


What do you do with a two year-old who doesn't seem to think that baseball games are fun, entertaining ways to spend a gorgeous summer evening?  And what if that same two year-old chooses to scream through the entire game, thus ruining the experience for the other supportive, parent-type people around you?  (Please don't say "bring a portable DVD player next time" because ours has decided it doesn't want to work anymore.)

I'm just wondering if you interpeeps have any wonderful, creative ideas.

Besides feeding your child candy the entire time to get him to sit still.

Because I already tried that.

And it didn't work.


Tonya said...

Red doesn't do well trying to feed him in those situations either. We let him bring a small car to play with while we watch. He isn't allowed to go anywhere but by us and play with it. This works sometimes and not others. I would try something that he doesn't get to do at home often like playdough or side walk paint. It might be a little messy but at least it isn't in your house and it will entertain him. 2 years old is a hard age for those types of activities in all honesty. Would he be happy walking the field with you so you can watch? Could you bring a high schooler or middle school aged kid to come with to take him to a park near by? I hope you find something that works or you might have a loooonnnggggg season :)

chrissy said...

We used to do a lot of walking when our youngest was that age and the older ones were playing sports! We incorporated the help of family and also some cool toys. Mostly a ton of walking around and some running too! Not very good info sorry, that is a tough age to sit still!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Bubbles maybe? Off to the side? And a ball of his own or something to play with. I used to take our own snacks to the games but it's hard once they know that concession stand is there! Otherwise- bribery for a toy later? Ha- hope you get more help than this!


Life With All Boys said...

We have baseball 6 days a week right now so I feel your pain. Carter takes a soft bat and his brothers old baseball mit. When he starts to want to roam (run away from me as fast as he can) I go buy some popcorn and strap him into his stroller. I've also been seen making laps around the complex for an hour.....

Kari Lynn said...

We would sit near dirt and let Ashley play. She loved getting dirty. Bring toys. So, did you win?

Glass Half Full said...

Oh my, been there, done this!

Bubbles helped and a pail/shovel works wonders. I think when Mark was just turning two was the hardest time during Matt's b-ball season. His attention span wasn't there and he wanted to roam everywhere without limits. You'll get through this....I did!


The Kempiak Party of Five... said...

squirt bottle (with a little water)
coloring book/pencils
Pail and shovel...or better yet, a "bulldozer" like Nathan would insist!

Hope it helps. We've all "been there".

Doodlebug said...

I can totally identify with that! I have a two year old and need the same advice! Maybe I will use some that you have received! I have enjoyed visiting your blog. It is great!

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