Thursday, February 21, 2008

That Makes Two!

Tonight, while eating a cookie, Cody lost tooth #2! It had been really loose all week, but apparently all it needed was a week-old valentine's cookie to do the trick.

We still haven't found the camera battery charger, and the thing is completely dead, so there are no pictures, but rest assured. He's so stinkin' cute, I can't stand it. And excited for the tooth fairy to come tonight.

One of my adult students was here tonight when it happened, and he told me that his daughters get $25/tooth, to which I replied, "REALLY???"

He simply said, "No." And then started laughing at me for believing him.

All's I know is our tooth fairy doesn't have that kind of cash.

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Julie V. said...

All right for tooth #2 coming out Cody!! Emma is still waiting patiently for tooth #1 to come out. According to our dentist it will probably be awhile (from what he can tell on the latest x-ray). Oh well- in due time.

That's so funny about the $25. I would have probably reacted the same way as you!! 25 cents sounds more like it huh?

Have a great Friday.