Monday, February 25, 2008

We Now Pause To Bring You This Very Important Message

I was minding my own business, sitting casually at the desk doing some work, when George, as in Curious...I mean, Caden...brought me a tube of my favorite Mary Kay lipstick. Nearly empty. I was leaving a message on my husband's voicemail when Caden handed me the tube. I then loudly exclaimed, "OH HEAVENS, my lipstick!" and hung up quickly. I'm sure my husband is wondering what that was all about.
There are no traces of lipstick ANYWHERE in the house. Believe me. I've looked. Not on his hands, mouth, or clothes. Not on the furtniture. Or the dog. This is all that's left of it.
I have no idea what happened to the lipstick. I'm scared...very, very find the whereabouts of the artwork or worse (EEK) ingested lipstick. I'm assuming it's non-toxic.
Do you think Mary Kay has a poison hotline???
You may now resume your regularly scheduled programming for the afternoon. Good day.


Tonya said...

Oh no! My guess is that is isn't toxic because we put it on our lips. I actually sell Mary Kay so if you want me to check into I can do that for you, let me know. Or you can ask the lady you got it from too.

Tonya said...

My 3rd, Tanner wrote on his magna doodle with permanent marker and the magic eraser took it off. You can get them at Wal-mart in the cleaning section if you don't have any. They are great at getting off crayon, marker, scuff marks on the walls and permanent marker!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! I am waiting for that to happen here. I hope you don't find any surprises!

Just T said...

Oh no, fingers crossed you don't find any surprises. And hopefully, if Caden has eaten it, he doesn't get sick.

Reminds me of when my almost 8 yr old daughter was around 18mths, and how she got my BRAND NEW mascara off the middle of my kitchen table, I'll never know!!!
But the results were a little red-headed girl covered in black mascara (all in her hair, over her hands, her face, & even fancy artwork on her belly). Kid's are so sneeeeeaky!!!

Glass Half Full said...

Nice. Very nice.