Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: My New Favorite

Introducing....David Archuleta!!!!
(Sorry, Luke!)


Glass Half Full said...

Ok - I still need to catch the last 45 minutes of AI, but NONE of the men impressed me. We'll see what happens....


MorningSong said...

So funny!! (I love what you've done with your blog - very cheery!)

I haven't watched AI since the Clay and Ruben season. I wanted to watch this one, it's supposed to be a good one!! :)


Adventures In Babywearing said...

AH! ME TOO! I love that little guy!! He's my favorite, and the dreads guy is my second!


Jaime said...

I agree, he's a wonder...and only 17 years old. Totally disappointed with Luke, can't justify voting for him just because he's an MU guy (that would be assuming I actually vote! HA!). I'll enjoy reading your blogs through this AI season. Hugs and kisses! Jaime

Jessica said...

I like him, the dreads guy (though I don't know that he was as good as he can be last night) and the very last guy. He has something.. I don't know what.. that makes me think he is going to go far. Luke is a cutie, though. So, who should go? Daniel Noriega and Garrett. Maybe even the blonde, Ellen lookalike. What do you think?