Friday, February 22, 2008

Apparently the Tooth Fairy is Cheap

There was some disappointment this morning when Cody awoke, only to find a $1 bill and a note from the tooth fairy. Last time, since it was his first lost tooth, the tooth fairy brought $1.50 in quarters in a star shaped box, along with a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and a certificate sprinkled in fairy dust.

I tried to explain to the disappointed six year-old that the tooth fairy always makes a big deal out of the first tooth since it's, you know, the first one. He speculated that the cheap flying tooth snatcher had some sort of a tooth fairy printer that she used this time, and this just didn't seem acceptable to him. (I personally thought it looked like she had made a pretty good effort this time, and what she left for him was pretty cute.)

I followed the conversation up with a verse he's learning in Awana that goes something like this: "Be content with what you have."

Because I'm a good mother. And it's my job to point him to God's Word. And because I felt he needed to give the poor tooth fairy a break.

So I'm curious. Does the tooth fairy reward your children for their lost teeth? If so, how generous is she when she comes to your house?


chrissy said...

toothfairy here has always made a big deal about the first tooth also! Our toothfairy does leave $2 but less for a not-so-good tooth!! The kids have never pointed out that they received less after the first time! Maybe it was a rough morning!! `

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

I have to laugh at this:) How often I try to do something fun for my girls only to disappoint them.Then I feel like saying "Hey, I tried...pout pout". I think it's hard to keep up with all their expectations in this feeling driven and materialistic world....better to let them down now in these little things I guess.

Our tooth fairy always leaves $1 even for the first tooth.... so your little guy was lucky:)

Kari Lynn said...

The other day Ashley was cleaning her room and came out with this treasure chest full of teeth she had lost. It looked like something out of the latest horror flick. I am horrible at those things and always make Chad do it. He forgot, a lot! She must not have complained though cause we never thought another thing about it. BAD PARENTS!!!

The Kempiak Party of Five... said...

We love our visits from the tooth fairy here in Arizona. In fact, we love her so much, that is what Baylee dressed as for Halloween.

She leaves $1 per tooth (after the first one) and sometimes "a little something more" (book, socks, Story on CD, etc.).

It's amazing how "different" she can be. Great job bringing it back to that verse. You are a super mom!

Glass Half Full said...

I remember getting COINS from the tooth fairy....times have changed!