Sunday, February 17, 2008

May I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life?

Thanks, eveyone, for your well wishes. I'm happy to report I'm feeling much better. The sun was shining yesterday, and we got out of the house after days of being cooped up. I think Caden appreciated it more than anyone. I hardly ever take him out because the weather is so awful most of the time! We stocked up on groceries and visited PetSmart with our dog, Ozzie. He doesn't play well with others, so we wanted to try to give him some practice in the socialization department. He especially enjoyed watching the other dogs playing together at Doggie Day Camp (a recent addition to our area store). Neveryoumind that he tossed his cookies right then and there in front of all the other dogs (how embarassing) and lifted his leg on the cat litter. And then there was the clean up in aisle 4 which required one of those little "oops" bags. I think the excitement was just a wee bit much for our furry little friend.

And then, last night, I escorted Cody to his first mother-son dance. Now, I need to back up and tell you that for the last month, I've been asking him if he wanted to go. He kept saying no. Of course, as his potential date, I was heartbroken to think that he didn't want to go with me, but I tried not to push the issue. At 6:15, THE NIGHT OF THE DANCE, we were still going back and forth about it. I had heard from the other moms that it's a blast, and that we just had to go, and so I tried to convince him it would be fun.

I mean, really. What six-year old wouldn't want to do the Macarena with his mother?

I finally guilted him...oops, I mean convinced go, and together we walked out the door. Unfortunately, the camera battery charger has gone lost, and we have no pictures. Well, we have the polaroid they gave us as our parting gift.

And memories of winning 2nd place in the twisting contest.

Good heavens, my mother (the dance teacher) would be so ashamed. We totally deserved the grand prize.

In all seriousness, we truly did have a blast, and we danced for two solid hours. Okay, I take that back. I did most of the dancing while Cody played air guitar and did knee slides and "the worm" with his buddies. There were a few of us moms who stayed out there the whole time. I'm always game for the electric slide! I'm happy to report that Cody has thanked me all day for taking him to his first dance.

It is truly I who should be thanking him, for when I held that little guy in my arms as we swayed to "I Hope You Dance," I secretly wished he'd stay that little forever and always think it's cool to dance with his mom.


chrissy said...

How awesome and Great is that!! Glad to read you were well enough to enjoy your mother son dance and that you "convinced" Cody to go!!! Sounds great!

Jessica said...

So sweet!