Sunday, September 28, 2008

To Papa, On Your Birthday

I'm a bit late getting this post up because I've been in a car for the last eight hours, but it's still the 28th and it's still Papa Dean's birthday.  Yipppeeeee!!!

And so, with no further ado, may I say a HUGE happy birthday to one of my favorite guys in the whole world.

It's hard to put into words how much I love Papa.  He's such a gem. He's as warm-hearted and teddy bear-like as they get, but he's also tough when he needs to be and a straight shooter. Those are qualities that work well together.   : )  They have certainly worked for the women in our family, let me tell you!

The three of us sisters (myself, Kari, and Darci) put together a little video clip for a montage that was played at my mom and Dean's wedding a few years ago.  I remember filming it in my mom's little bathroom in her apartment (I know, a weird place, but the lighting was good in there!).  The three of us girls told Papa in the video that we all wanted to be adopted, but that he needed to keep in mind that we come as a set.  I'm still trying to win the role of "favorite" but the competition is pretty tough to beat, and PLUS Papa just won't pick!!!  That's his one and only fault.  (Ha, ha!)

Anyway, Papa, we love you dearly.  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Your middle (favorite) daughter  

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Kari Lynn said...

I already commented on Kari's blog but this is worth saying again, Happy Birthday Dean!