Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Favorite Fall Top 10

Flip Flop is asking her readers what their favorite parts of fall are.  I adore the fall.  I am beginning to accumulate as much fall decor as Christmas (well, that might be overstating it just a bit). But each year I see something it's hard for me not to pick it up because it's just so cuuuuuute!

Anyway, here is my top ten list of reasons why I love the fall.  Feel free to play along too!

10.Cooler weather (not cold, just not 90 degrees).
9.  Soups and Stews start gracing our dinner table (Last night it was ham and bean).
8.  The beautiful colors and the changing of the seasons.
7.  Getting the porch and the house all decked out for the welcoming of Autumn.
6.  School supplies hit the shelves. I just LOVE school supplies.
5.  Nebraska Football.
6.  Watching NU football with my family in Indiana.
7.  Eating Football Stew while watching NU football.
8.  Going to NU games with my hubby (our time is coming soon....)
9.  Getting my kids all dressed up in Husker wear.
10. Hot apple cider, pumpkins, apple picking, caramel apples and runzas.

Your turn.  What do you love about fall?


Tonya said...

Great list! Too funny how much football you on have on that list of yours :) Are you up for a get together anytime soon? Do you have any appointments out here that we could hook up or we could do something else.

Kari said...

I'm with you . . . Huskers! Huskers! Huskers! Woohoo!