Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Things Heard Through the Baby Monitor

First, before I get to the light-hearted content of this post, I'd like to thank you for your prayers for Dave.  Last night, the doctors prepared the family for the fact that he may not make it through the night, but the morning light came and he is still with us.  He is unaware of much that is happening, but when I talked to Charity this morning, she said there are times when he lets them know he hears them.  She said they've been doing a lot of praying, reading scripture, sharing memories, and just having a sweet time together.  Please keep praying.  Your prayers are bringing them the support and peace they desperately need right now.

Secondly, I had to share this funny moment that happened a couple of hours ago in our house. Cody has taken on the responsibility of naptime reading to Caden (I have an agenda, of course. It gives me some time to get some things accomplished and it, of course, gets Cody reading independently).  As the two of them were headed upstairs, Caden was giving Cody a bit of a hard time, and this is the conversation I heard:

Cody:  "Caden, you need to come upstairs now so that brother can read to you."
Caden:  "NO!"
Cody:  "Caden, mommy said that you need to come up here!"
Caden:  "NO!"
Cody (growing increasingly impatient):  "CADEN!  You need to obey me RIGHT NOW!"

I laughed, in spite of myself, at this exchange.  It cracks me up how they start mimicking the things you find yourself saying over and over again.

What's even more funny to me was the fact that when Cody used the word "obey," Caden followed him upstairs and they started reading together.  

Ah, child training.  It's such a blast.

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Just T said...

Hi Happi. Firstly, I'm sorry to hear that Dave isn't doing so well. I hope that he finds some peace soon.

2ndly, sometimes we forget the impact we have on our children's lives. We often think they aren't listening to us at all, then they say things like the one you mentioned that make us feel like what we are saying is actually sinking in lol My children are no different. It's funny when you hear them repeat things us parents say. Thanks for sharing :)