Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Anonymous:

First, I'd like to thank you for being a reader of my blog. I am aware that I do have some visitors outside of the United States. Because I do not know who you are or what country you are residing in currently, I am unable to contact you directly. However, I wanted to address your comment about yesterday's post. I have to be honest and say that I was a little taken aback by the insinuation that we Americans are responsible for the suffering in other countries. A portion of your comment reads: "I also want you to think and have more understanding of what your country is doing to other parts of the world... "

Please understand that this blog is not a political one. It's a place where I share what's on my heart, hopefully encourage somebody who may need it, and keep track of the things my children are doing and saying as they grow. It's a place where I share my faith which is first and foremost in my life. I will be completely honest and say that I try to steer clear of topics which could be controversial, because that's not the kind of forum that this is. However, September 11th is a day that will forever be engraved on all of our hearts. I sat for days in front of my television seven years ago, awaiting the birth of my first child, and all I could do was weep. My husband had to drag me from the TV and take me outside for fresh air because I couldn't stop watching the horror. I couldn't stop crying. It was a terrifying time for all of us Americans. We lost our innocence that day. And every time 9-11 rolls around each year, we Americans grieve all over again. Yes, we're healing, but we still grieve.

So after reading your comment, I just really wanted to share my heart with you on this subject. I am sure that many people in other parts of the world blame America for the suffering that is currently going on in Iraq and the surrounding countries. President Bush is viewed negatively around the world, and I'll admit he's lost many American's support. Our country is awaiting an presidential election where it's being promised by Republicans and Democrats alike that change is coming. We are in desperate need of change. Our country is suffering too. I know it may look different than the suffering in other countries, and I don't minimize what others are experiencing, but tough times have fallen on many, many Americans. We are hurting too.

Please understand that I am just one person who represents Americans. I do not speak for all of us, just as you don't speak for everyone in your country. I don't agree with all of the decisions of our president, but I do stand behind him. I support him and I support the troops that are fighting to defend our freedom and safety here and abroad. I have young children to think about. They are in my care and I have to support whatever measures are being taken to protect me, them, and all of us here in the United States. I know that many people have died because of the war in Iraq. I am not naive to that, and my heart breaks for all of those who have lost loved ones here and abroad.

Bottom line: I think it's unfair for Americans to be blamed for the suffering that's happening in other parts of the world. There are two sides to this story, and none of us really knows the truth. We can only do our part to support our fellow countrymen and our leaders.

And as I said yesterday, ultimately, it is our job to be on our knees. We serve a God who is in control of all of it. He asks us to pray and to trust Him. What else can we do?

I would challenge you to look at your own part of the world and remember that you, like us, are subject to the leadership of your country.

Thank you for reading and I do hope you'll come back.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Happi, you said this very very well. Thank you.


Jody said...

I second Steph's comment. Well said!

Life with Ash and Ave said...

Thanks for letting us know exactly how you feel and not masking it. That takes courage!

Anonymous said...

I realise that i shouldnt have made a political comment yesterday on your blog..i realise that was not the right thing to do and was not the right platform..i am sorry for hurting you in the process.. i want you to know that i do not think that your country is responsible for all the sufferings in other parts of the world.. as you said, i know there is more to what you see and read..
On a separate note, i read your blogs to get a different perspective of life.. i see your friends' and your faith in God and realise that being born a christian is different from living it...
You have a lovely day!!

Happi said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate your kind words and I hope you find this blog to be an encouragement. That is my hope and my prayer for anyone who reads here. Have a blessed day!