Saturday, September 13, 2008

To My Local Cable Company That We Switched To Because You Promised it Would Be Better But Have Failed to Deliver:

I am very upset with you. You see, I ordered the football package a few weekends ago because you promised me that I would be able to see as many Husker football games that my little heart could desire.

Now, I understand that FSN is part of your premium sports package that I am....dare I say...paying PREMIUM dollars to have in my living room, and yet, everytime I go looking for a game, it's $30+ dollars to watch my beloved Cornhuskers on pay-per-view! What's the deal????

Now, I ask you. How is this fair? How is that I am paying all this money, and we are entering our third weekend of the Huskers season and you still have not graced the 15 FSN stations with one Huskers game? Why must you play only the teams YOU like? I mean, really. How many stations need to carry some silly game between Colorado and who knows who? I realize this may not be your fault. After all, it's FSN that's carrying the game on pay-per view.

I'm just saying.

I'm very upset with you.


Kari said...

I'd like to offer a small poem to your cable provider . . . (ahem)

Roses are red, I'm loving Alaska.
Obvously your crew is out of touch with Nebraska.

The end.

Jody said...

Oh, girls...(Happi and your sister the poet)I am laughing my tail off! I may not know the true joy of being a Huskers' fan, but I get a kick out of your blog posts!!