Monday, September 01, 2008

I'm just wondering: Was it Mickey or Minnie?

Yesterday, while preparing for dinner guests, I opened the silverware drawer and started digging around for a butter knife.  I suddenly noticed little wood shavings near my Wilton frosting spreaders....and they were scattered all over the drawer.  When I pulled the drawer out and investigated further, I saw the dreaded droppings that could only mean one thing:  MICE.

I quickly remembered that my neighbors have had the same experience, and so we called them for advice.  

Once I got over my initial disgust and cleaned and sanitized everything in the drawer, and re-washed the silverware now sitting on my dinner table awaiting guests, I went into "JUST KILL IT" mode.  

I am happy to report that this morning the score is:


I'll keep you updated as the stats change.



Kari said...

I do have some advice though . . .
mice like dog food, so make sure you're not helping to feed them by giving them access to Ozzie's dinner.

Jody said...

I'm assuming since your score is one that you caught one! Good for you! I once left an open bag of bird seed in our garage. Big mistake! My husband put down the sticky traps at first. Don't use those! The old fashion traps that spring are perfect and the mice like peanut butter! I hope you just had one little visitor!

Just T said...

ooh ewwww I hate mice!!! I had a problem with them at a previous address.

Good luck catching the lil bugga's!!!