Wednesday, April 02, 2008

10 Random Thoughts

1. I heart American Idol. It's an addiction, I must admit. Last night's show was many strong performances (but please, America, say good bye to Ramiele)!

2. I hardly slept last night because Caden was up off and on for no apparent reason. He wasn't just waking up and whimpering, he was downright screaming. It took an hour to calm him at one point. Today he's perfectly fine. I, on the other hand, am sleep-deprived.

3. I'm sick of the economy. I'm tired of gas prices being this high. I go to four different stores to buy things because I shop where it's the cheapest. I'm tired of doing that too.

4. I have a women's retreat in a little over one week that I'm leading worship for and I don't quite feel prepared. I took a little too much of a "break" during our spring (a.k.a. winter) break.

5. I desperately needed that break.

6. My little sis is visiting my family back home because she is on break, however, I am not, so I don't get to see her.

7. I've noticed that the new style for women's clothing these days is a bit maternal in nature. I recently bought a shirt that kinda looks like that, and I think people may be wondering if I'm pregnant.

8. I'm not.

9. Here's my pic for Wordless Wednesday, because it is, after all, Wednesday.
10. I took a meal to a friend last night that recently had a baby. She has a 4 year old, a 3 year old, a 22 month old and 2 week old. And she plans on homeschooling. I think she's brave.
The chicken pot pie I made her family slid around in the back of my van (I brought it in the afternoon so they could bake it when they were ready to eat), and it didn't look like much of a pie when I got it there. I'm thinking she's probably too tired to care.


Glass Half Full said...

That chicken pot pie still tastes the same and that's all that matters.

Oh, Ramiele needs to go home. I agree!

Maybe Caden had a night terror? Matt would have those off and on -- even at age 4!

On that note, get some rest!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

My vote is for Ramiele to go home, too! And tell me about the clothing styles today. I bought a shirt in the regular women's section that will fit me my entire pregnancy, and one in the maternity section that is super-fitted!


Tonya said...

Your night sounds like my night. My 2 yr old was screaming too. But then he would wake the baby and she would poop. I'm tired too. Also I emailed you back!

Sheryl said...

It was storming last night so our dish went out- NO AI!! I know your friend won't mind how the Chicken Pot Pie looked, just happy not to have to worry about dinner!

Jaime said...

Sister, you are so funny! Yes, I refuse to buy those shirts that look like maternity shirts. When I'm not pregnant, don't want to look like I am. I've seen people get those questions when they are not. Ouch! 4 stores for shopping, you go sister. I'm too tired and get it all at one right now. Maybe in a few you friend. Jaime