Monday, April 14, 2008

Full Circle Moment

I drove down to my alma mater yesterday. One of my former voice students was doing her senior recital, and she had asked me months ago if I would be willing to come down for it. As soon as I came over the hill where the campus sits, I gasped at the changes that had taken place over the past twelve years. The college looks beautiful. Just as I remember it, only a little bigger. This is the school of music, where I spent many hours as a vocal music education major.I arrived early and spent that time walking around the campus and reminiscing. I ran into several friends and professors, and it was very good to be back there.My student did a great job. I was so proud of her and her accomplishments. She has grown a great deal, and it was so special to see her standing on the same stage where I had stood many times before. I am so glad she chose my alma mater for her school, because she has had a fantastic experience, as did I. Here we are at the reception afterwards:Her mom and dad were understandably emotional. (I was a bit teary too!) They hadn't really heard her sing since the her last recital with my studio! Truly, it's amazing how fast the time goes. Now she's a senior, contemplating graduate school. I must admit, this makes me feel a little old!

Life has changed so much since those carefree college days. It was humbling to look back and be reminded of the plan God had in mind when I arrived on campus for the first time. I was so young...who knew I'd meet my husband there and that someday I'd be sitting in the audience watching one of my own students perform?

It's like coming full circle.


Barbie@ Mamaology said...

What a beautiful moment for you!

And I must say being 33 has me thinking much about how quick life goes!!!

Tonya said...

That sounds like a very cool experience.

Next week I am good for Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Glass Half Full said...

Talk about a stroll down memory lane! God is good and knew exactly where you needed to go. Isn't that a good feeling? =)


MorningSong said...

What a privilege to have full circle moments!