Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oh, Ramiele. It Was Your Time.

I just have to say two things:

1. Ramiele HAD to go. And if you're a fan, I'm sorry. She just couldn't keep up with the line-up of pros like Cook (as in David), Archuleta, and Smithson.

2. We must pray for Simon. He's clearly uncomfortable with the mentioning of the name "Jesus." Did you see him squirming last night?

That's all for now.


Glass Half Full said...

Oh did I see Simon squirm!!! It was obviously something was going on in his heart. HUM???


Tonya said...

I send you a email saying that Tuesday and Friday mornings I have commitments and to let me know what your schedule looks like! However Friday will be free in about 4 weeks. The email might have gotten sent to your junk mail maybe?