Thursday, April 17, 2008

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

When I was a little girl, I started my performing career at a dinner club in Nebraska called Club 89. It's not there anymore, but I have some fond memories of that place.

During last night's Idol, one memory came flooding back in the form of glistening rhinestones.

You see, there was this one microphone that was studded with rhinestones that I used to LOVE using when I'd get up on stage to sing.

I'd almost forgotten about this mic until I was watching Mariah with her faux diamond mic stand and microphone. Along with her faux band and faux vocals.

Anyway. I guess a girl never outgrows the need for a glitter and glam. I just thought they were supposed to outgrow that stuff by the time they reached their adult-hood.

Apparently Mariah never got over it.


Glass Half Full said...

Mariah is a little over the top with her accessories, butterflies and glam. Time to drop the diva image and maybe see if Christ is reflected somewhere.


PS To be honest, I Tivo-ed Idol and FF'ed to the results. Did Mariah sing bad or something?

MorningSong said...

So true - it is fun to be glammed up from time to time, but within reason. Glad you were able to reconnect to a precious memory.

By the way, I tagged you today.


Just T said...

I don't watch the American Idol (think it's only on paytv over here in Australia), but wanted to add that Mariah has just gone waaaay over the top these days. She should go back to when she 1st started. I loved her voice and her sweet songs. She really had a God-given talent.
Now .. she's just trashy!