Saturday, February 03, 2007

Teach Your Children Well

For those of you that don't know, my husband is an elementary music teacher, grades kindergarten through fifth grade. He is well-liked at the school, and many teachers, parents, and students know that he is a Believer. This often presents a conflict of interests being that he is a public school teacher...but he's done a great job of living the Christian life and allowing his light to shine while still respecting the law and being aware what he can and CAN'T say out loud.

Yesterday, he was teaching a class of 1st graders about patriotic songs. One of the songs represented was "Battlehymn of the Republic" ("Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord..."). They were singing the part of the song that says, "Glory, glory hallelujah..." and my husband asked the children if they could think of a place where they might hear those words. One little girl raised her hand and she said she thought of church. He then reminded the class that many patriotic songs were based upon the foundations of faith that our early leaders had. He told them that the words for the "Battlehymn of the Republic" come directly from the text of the bible.

One little girl raised her hand and asked, "What's a bible?"

My husband tried to explain, as politically correct as possible, of course, what a bible is.

When he came home and told me about this little girl, my heart broke. I couldn't believe she had no idea what a bible is. Nobody had ever talked with her about it or shared the contents of this amazing, historical, and inspired-by-God book.

It was yet another reminder to me that God has charged us parents with the responsibility of sharing with them what lies within the pages of that amazing book, and even if we don't feel we have the tools to do so, we must make sure they have a place to go where they can learn about it.

Let our children never ask the question, "What is a bible?" Let them be the children who can quote scripture directly from its pages.

Let's always remember to teach our children well.

"Listen, my son, to your father's instruction
and do not forsake your mother's teaching.
They will be a garland to grace your head
and a chain to adorn your neck."
~Proverbs 1:8-9


Staci said...

How sad it is that in this day and age, he could not take her by the hand and lead her to the Lord. That breaks my heart too.

Yes, let us teach our children!

Have a blessed week!


Just T said...

I am not religious myself. I don't attend church, but I do have my own beliefs & pray when I need to. I do consider myself Christian though, because that is what my countries foundation is based on (Australia). I also know the TRUE meaning behind Easter & Christmas, and tell my children without taking the fantasy of Easter Bunny & Santa away from them.
I think it's so sad that in today's society, it's becoming politically incorrect to discuss religion, all religions.
What ever happened to freedom of speech, and being able to embrace your religion?
I find that very sad that a child in this day and age didn't know what a bible was!

Barbie said...

I am encouraged to know your husband is a public school teacher:) Our oldest is in first grade in the public school near us and her teacher is a strong Christian. I always feel so safe knowing Corinn is in her care.

Jessica said...

I think it is so neat how God leads me to places to reconfirm what He is trying to teach me. I just wrote about this today and this is a great verse.