Friday, February 16, 2007


I borrowed this picture from my friend Jaime's blog because they are cheerful and a great reminder that spring is right around the corner. And now...onto my post.

I noticed several of my blogging friends are lamenting about the cold and the snow. I have to admit I am right there with them. I am so tired of this unbearable cold. I need to go to the grocery store, but I can't bear the thought of bundling up the kids, navigating the snow and ice, dragging them to the store, listening to the shrieking "I-hate-my-carseat-and-my-coat-and-no-I-will-not-wear-my-mittens" pre-toddler. The poor dog is lucky if he gets outside midday. I can't stand walking him because it's so miserable out there.

So we will exist for a little while longer without any milk. I'm not going out there. And I need peanut butter. I had to throw out my jar. Clearly, a trip to the store is inevitable. Just not today.

Here is the good news. When I brought my precious baby home from the hospital close to a year ago, that early March day was warm and balmy. A mother never forgets what the air felt like when she carried her baby out of the hospital for the first time. Warm. Balmy. What a glorious thought!


Barbie said...

Our weather has been a bit depressing even for the most positive people, which you seem like:)But it will pass..... And thankfully we do live in Chicago where the weather can change drastically in just a minutes notice. Let's pray for days at the park soon:)

Glass Half Full said...

Add me to the list of complainers!!!

Anonymous said...

I hear you Happi, It is just freezing out there!! I had the same problem....out of milk last night and didn't want to go out in the cold to get more, so the kids had water with breakfast this morning. After I dropped Erin at pre-school, I did manage to run into Walgreens and finally get some!Try and stay warm, and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and kisses to the kiddies! Molly