Tuesday, February 20, 2007


"Mom? Who made the trees and the bushes?"
"Mom? What if we were so little nobody could even see us?"
"Mom? Remember when I was in your tummy? Remember?"
"Mom? Do you know where my Hotwheels Batman car is?
"Mom? Will you come play a game with me?"
"Mom? Can you turn this piece of paper into a Superman shield?"
"Mom? Can I play on the computer now?"
"Mom? Would you please fix me something else to eat?"
"Momma? Just so you know, I put the scissors outside the baby gate so that the baby couldn't grab them, and I laid the paper on the floor, but it kinda made a big mess. Is that okay?" (He is saying this even as I type.)
"Mommy? Who made that house over there? Was it God?"
"Mommy? Did you know that I can turn my Lightning McQueen car into a rocket booster?"

The questions. They are endless. And I love them. I hope I can always answer them in a way that honors the Lord and ultimately points him to the One who holds all the answers in His hands. Until then, I'll enjoy every one of them, and hopefully remember enough of them to record in his baby book.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Yes yes yes and Mom always knows the answer. Carter is obsessed with everything Gray does and wants to know if *he* did that when he was a baby, too. That's all I hear all day long. And they'll even come find me in the shower to ask me to do something for them when DADDY is available. But no one asks Daddy!

Kari Lynn said...

Enjoy the innocence of their questions now. I have 8 and 11 year old questions to answer.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

They never stop do they? I've got a million to answer every day! Kind of fun, huh?

Just T said...

I also have a 5 year old son and the questions are never ending, as are the ones from my almost 7 year old daughter.

Some days they are normal, every day questions. Other days they blow me away with how they come up with stuff lol

But I hope they never stop coming to me for answers, even if I don't always know the right one to say!