Thursday, February 08, 2007

Remembering Poppop

Today would have been my grandpa's birthday, and it's the first one since he passed away in May of 2006. Grief comes in waves for me...sometimes for no reason at all, sometimes because it's a milestone, like today.
At times I feel a little guilty for being sad since I know he's in heaven where there's no more pain or suffering, and he's free from the restrictions of an aging body. He was a wonderful dancer, and I picture him up in heaven twirling with Nanny, rejoicing that he's finally home.
It's the human part of me, I suppose...I just miss him. I am thankful to the Lord for the gift of his life and for the many, many years he was with us. What a gift. That's a great thing to celebrate on this day, February 8th.

Poppop...we miss you. Happy Birthday.


Kari Lynn said...

My heart is with you.

Jessica said...

Thanks for coming over to visit. Your boys are beautiful and I will be praying for you today! My husband's grandpa just found out that he only has a short time to live due to cancer, so I can definitely relate to your sadness. What a beautiful thought, though, of him dancing in Heaven!

Charity said...

Dancing in heaven, that is a great picture! I have no doubt that he is doing just that, Hap. Take it easy today, enjoy your chicken, and yes, it's okay to miss him, he was a huge part of your life-and he has left you a great legacy.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is our human nature to miss them. It's great to carry on their memory though! (I'll be meeting you at our little blogger get together!! So excited!)

Just T said...

My heart goes out with you. What a wonderful person you are to want to celebrate his birthday. Even though he has passed on, he will always remain with you!