Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What a Life....

It's tough being me, and here's why:  

1.  I woke up and had breakfast out on the screened porch while doing my devotional.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the birdies sing me their songs.
2.  Hubby made me a bagel with my sister's jam.  It's...DA BOMB.  (I'm so hip I can hardly stand myself.)
3.  I called the pool guy and pest control guy to service the pool and kill some bees.  I know.  It's rough being me right now.
4.  I taught lessons while sitting at a beautiful grand piano in a loft overlooking the living room and listened to my lovely students serenade me with their melodiousness.  I KNOW, it's not a word, but I like it.  MELODIOUSNESS.  Good one.
5. I watched my son play his second-to-last baseball game of the season.  And had a lovely conversation with a fellow baseball playing family.  Who's son beat leukemia after 3.5 years of treatment.  Nothing like that type of a conversation to really put things in perspective, let me tell you.
6.  I leafed through a beautiful coffee table book about Colorado and started planning my 10 year-anniversary with hubby.  Not really, but MAN I think Colorado would be an awesome spot for us to celebrate.
7.  I cooked my family a nice meal in a beautiful, spacious gourmet kitchen.  And I felt like Giada.  If you don't know who she is, watch the Food Network.  Who cares that it was 10 p.m. before we actually got to eat it?  The point it, I was serving it up in style.
8.  We had family devotions tonight and read about serving others.  
9.  And then my son ordered me to go get him more fruit.
10.  To which I responded "Let's try that again and try to put what we JUST LEARNED into practice. OKAY?"
11.  To which he responded, "Okay, mom.  Would you PLEASE go get me some more fruit?"  

I think he missed the point.
12.  And then the hard decision:  Should we play Mexican Dominoes tonight or should we just go and play Wii on the huge big screen TV with surround sound?  Decisions, decisions.
13.  Can you tell I'm enjoying this week?
14.  Is it bad that my hubby slaved over at OUR 100 year-old house today while I sat and read all your blogs?  
15.  Don't answer that.  


Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Man you are hip... can you teach me:)

I'd love to hear what you do for family devotions... do you write them yourselves or use a book?

Enjoy you week in luxury! And e-mail me so we could plan a meet up soon:)

Tonya said...

You are great! I've tried teaching my kids the serving lesson too. It never goes the way I plan ;) I really wish I could see this amazing house. If you babysit it again I'm so there :)

Jody said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your tough life so much. :):)

Kari said...

Poor you. There are no words.