Monday, July 21, 2008

What a Ball!

So last week's family devotions at our house were geared toward the topic of love, specifically focusing on 1 Corinthians 13.  As a writing assignment, I had Cody write out one verse a day, memorizing it as well.  It's a lot to memorize, but I felt we needed to keep working on mastering it as we started this week.  It's such a wonderful passage of scripture!  

But today I write to share a great idea with you that some of you may want to try (if you're looking for ways to help your kids memorize those verses...Awana anyone???).  We decided to follow one of the devotional's suggestions on how to help your child memorize the verses and get them to stick. They suggest that you take turns throwing a small ball back and forth..but before you are allowed to throw the ball you have to say a portion of the verse.

For example:  "Love is patient." (toss ball)  "Love is kind."  (toss ball) etc.

I couldn't believe how effective this was!  Cody had the whole thing down by the time we were done, and it was fun getting the whole family involved.  When we got to the very end, Caden even got in on the action when he caught the ball and finished ending the phrase, "But the greatest of these is_______."  Yep, he got it right!  "LOVE!"

Ah, scripture memory.  It's NEVER too early to start!


Jessica said...

I never was one to really memorize scripture, but hearing it come out of the mouths of my children is like music to my ears! I think it is neat, too, how easily we learn by teaching them!

Kari said...

I'd heard that idea somewhere too . . . can't remember where but I'm glad it worked for you guys. I can just picture Caden finishing off the verse. Too cute. Tell him that Aunt Meme is proud!