Sunday, July 13, 2008

Picture Perfect Memories, Part 1

I have been really slow in getting my pictures updated to the blog, and there are some really great ones to share (these are especially for my family). I thought you all might like some recent photos of our adventures this summer. So, without any further ado...

This is Jerry and I right before we sang The National Anthem when we opened for Little River Band. Supposedly, a festival photographer took photos while we were singing, but we don't have any of those...of course! Here are the boys riding the bumper cars at that same festival...look at the sheer joy on those faces!!
Here are my 4th of July sugar cookies. I love making and sharing them with anyone who will eat them! I'd find an occasion to make them every month if I could! For the sake of my waistline, it's good that I limit it to every two months or so!
Here below is the cutest picture of my niece Mackenzie and Cody while watching the fireworks on the 4th. Is that NOT the sweetest???
My mom and sis (I'm on the other end of the assembly line) making that awesome jam you've heard so much about...

Papa Dean gave all the kids a ride on the lawn mower. My mom asked me if I remembered Poppop doing that too, and I immediately burst into tears. Yeah, I was slightly emotional that weekend.
And to close out this first part of our best summer memories, here's an absolutely beautiful picture of my mom with four out of her six grandbabies. Isn't that precious?

More photos to come soon...thanks for letting me share them with you all!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

These are great photos!


Glass Half Full said...

Moments to cherish indeed!


Kari said...

Cute!!!!!!!!!! Love the pic of Cody and Mackenzie-I have a similar one, but yours is better. Thanks for meeting us yesterday! Love ya!

Tonya said...

Great pictures! My boys love the bumper cars too!