Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This Will Be A Very Wordy Wednesday Post

Well, I must share about today, Tuesday, Cody's first "unofficial" day of Kindergarten. I say unofficial because tomorrow is the real deal. I will walk my first-born to the bus-stop, watch him board it, see him find his seat next to his neighborhood friends and wave good-bye. Both of his friends who will ride with him are 3rd grade girls, and they're already fighting over who will sit next to him on the way there and who will sit with him on the way back. Please tell me this boy-girl stuff isn't starting yet, because seriously people. I can only handle one milestone at a time!

Anyway, back to today.

Jerry and I were both able to go to school with him, where we were greeted by his teacher at the door, and handed extensive instructions on what to do upon entering. We got to take a tour of his classroom, color a fish, help him sign his name (about five times), meet the classroom animals, Sheldon the hermit crab and a rabbit whose name escapes me...

We had fun, and Cody didn't want to leave. I mean, if you could dress like this in your classroom, would you want to go? I didn't think so.

I have to share one thing. Okay two. Maybe three. It's been a big day for me. The first is that we met the superintendent today, and I suspect she's a Believer. She walked in, welcomed us, and first addressed the returning parents. She then began speaking to us new parents, the ones who were sending our children to school for the first time. She basically addressed everything that was and has been on my heart...the fact that our children are the most precious things to us and that she realized that they, as a school and staff, would need to earn our trust as we release our children into their care. I so appreciated her words (I can't remember them all as I was a bit overwhelmed today) and I immediately felt some relief and peace come over me. If this superintendent is any kind of a reflection of the rest of the staff, I think we are good to go!
There was one mom there who I know is a Christian (something I'd been praying for) and I am going to see if she might be interested in starting a Moms In Touch group with me. I am willing to lead one, as there is not one currently in our school district. I think, after talking with a few people today, we may have four moms interested already! Praise the Lord! I am praying God will use me and our family in this community and that we would be a blessing to others. Please join me in praying for this, as the Lord leads. It is our constant prayer that we would have an eternal impact right here, where God has placed us.
Finally, just a little while ago, I sat down to do something I felt led to do all evening. I wrote Cody a letter. Who knows when he'll read it. High school graduation? Only God knows. But I wanted to commemorate this occasion with a letter for him on this day, his first day of kindergarten. I will place it in the big plastic bin I've started of all his artwork and childhood memorabilia thus far, and pray for God to allow him to read it when the time is right. I thought I'd share just the last part of it, for it reveals what I am feeling tonight.
"You are amazing, Cody. I am so unbelievably proud of you....for the boy you are at five years old and the man that you will be someday. There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to do wonderful things for God's kingdom, and I can't WAIT to see what lies ahead for you. Happy First Day of Kindergarten my son. Be blessed. Be a blessing.
I love you. Love, Mom"


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, this is wonderful! You are inspiring me to write a letter (more than blogging... a letter is so much better!) and also start a Moms Bible Study. What a great way to reach out. I already feel like I *have* reached out, but I need to make the next step!

Oh- and the GIRL thing. Carter is in kindergarten and came home the FIRST DAY saying he was in love with Allison. And she lives just one street away. Sits with him on the bus. UH OH. Already!?

: )


MorningSong said...

So beautiful! I am sure your son will realize how blessed he is! I hope and pray that God keeps his heart all of his days!! I pray that Cody will realize the gift of faith you and your husband have given to him at a young age! I pray that Cody remains sold out to our Savior ALL of his days!

Many blessings!

Glass Half Full said...

Awesome for Cody!!

Matt received a letter from a girl mid-year during his kindergarten time from Emma. It said "Matt is my best friend. Love, Emma" I was not ready for that.

Mom's bible studies rule!!!