Saturday, August 11, 2007

There are so many days I look at these two precious boys and wonder what on earth I did to merit such gifts from God. They are beautiful, loving, good-natured boys and I am so very grateful to the Lord for them.

Today, Jerry and I sang at another wedding, and when I came downstairs after getting dressed, my Cody said, "Oh mommy. You look SO pretty." Lord, please help him to continue to see the inner beauty in others, and bring him a godly wife that he can someday shower with love!

Caden spontaneously "kisses" us now, pooching his little lips out and coming up close to get smooches. He wraps his little arms around our necks and gives the best hugs. Lord, please help him to remain so loving and sweet, and help him to be an ambassador of God's love all his days.

Lord, remind us all to pray for our children every day. Give us wisdom, as their parents, as we teach, train, and set an example for them. Help our families to reflect you in all we do, say, and are. We can do no good thing apart from You, Lord Jesus, and we need You. Help us to be a beacon of light in our families, neighborhoods, jobs, and schools. We love You Lord and we thank You for entrusting these precious ones to us. We are so grateful. Amen.


Julie V. said...


AMEN sister!!! Childern are such a precious gift from God and I think as we are responsible for training them up in the Lord these little ones teach us so much on a daily basis.

May the Lord continue to strengthen us as parents so that we will bring Him glory in all that we do and say. Our little ones are watching our every move.

Have a wonderful Lord's day.


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MorningSong said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the prayer too!

Kate said...

Yes...AMEN! I love this post and your prayer was beautiful. Our children are such precious gifts and nothing would glorify the Lord more than to love them as He loves us!

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