Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Been a Very Big Week For Me

And for Cody too. But mostly for me. It takes so much energy wondering what he's up to all day!

Today he came home and said "B" had another tough time at lunch (and yes, only half his napkin was present and accounted for again). I saw his mom tonight at the Open House and she said he's having a tough time but seemed better after school today. Another answer to prayer...we've been praying for him! Now, we will pray that his mom joins our Moms in Touch group!

Warning: This next paragraph is very earthly and reveals my love of shopping and being one of the "ladies who lunch". Proceed with caution.

I spent my day with Caden and a friend (who has twin boys who just started kindergarten too)walking the outdoor mall and having lunch. It was a welcome distraction and we both enjoyed the time out. I spent too much money at the Children's Place and Gymboree even though everything I bought was on clearance AND I had a coupon! The shopping was, dare I say, therapeutic. C'mon girls. You KNOW what I'm talking about!


Life With All Boys said...

Oh my gosh! I totally know what you mean. I've been so down lately and I'm not really sure why. But I took Carter to the mall today and we shopped til we dropped, and I feel SO much better. Therapeutic indeed!!!

Julie V. said...


Thanks for sharing all of Cody's new adventures in Kindergarten and most importantly his childlike faith that us as adults need much more of!! Talk about bringing tears to my eyes.

I want more of that compassion and love swelling up and over in my life onto others. Thanks Cody for showing me what that looks like.

Happi- let's talk about an arranged marriage between Cody and Emma some time (just kidding- ha ha).

Keep up the great job of raising your precious sons up in the Lord.



Charity said...

That therapy sounds great. =) I just FINALLY updated my blog, about Dave. Thanks for your friendship Hap.

Glass Half Full said...

Seriously, isn't is nice to have that time??? Mark and I are headed to the mall soon and I anticipate the ease of Mark just tagging along in his stroller without Matt's complaining about when we are heading home.