Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Berger Boys Take Wrigley By "Storm" Or Something Like That

Ok- Happi's husband Jerry here. (I'm the one sporting the Cubs gear in the photo). Happi asked me to make the blog entry today, since it's about my Cubs game experience last night. My dad is a member of his local Chamber of Commerce, and they get a group of tickets each year, so he, my brother Bob and I made our way to the "friendly confines" for the game. Luckily, our tickets were in the terrace reserved area, so we were protected from the torrential downpour that fell on the field for the first hour. I was amazed that the die-hard fans in the bleachers did not get up and seek shelter, even though it was pouring rain with occasional lightening and thunder!

The game finally started at 8:35, and was finished at about 11:45 with the Cubs losing to the Cincinnati Reds 11-9. (By the way, I think the coolest job at the park has to be the guys who remove the tarp after the rain stops. These blue and khaki clad heroes are like rock stars when they come running onto the field! I've gotta do that sometime!) Needless to say, we left Wrigley field around ten and listened to the end of the game in the car on WGN radio.

One thing I appreciate about the park is that they don't allow smoking in the stands. People who choose to smoke need to move to the ramp areas, or up against the fences. I did, however, learn an important lesson last night as my brother and I walked up the ramp after getting some food at the lower level concession stand. Hopefully, this bit of wisdom will help all of you avoid the mistake I made. Ok... ready? Here it is: When walking up a smoke filled ramp at a ball park, do not take a big bite of a jumbo dog before you start! I was forced to breathe through my nose, which filled my lungs with second hand smoke and made me want to cough. Thankfully, I was able to fight the urge, because, let's face it- no one wants to see a half eaten hot dog projectile flying through the air! Needless to say, by the time I got to the top of the ramp, I was struggling for air, and was glad to finally swallow and breathe freely through my mouth again! Consider yourselves warned! (My brother also got some Jalapeno juice from his nachos up his nose, but, that's a different story...)


Glass Half Full said...

But most of all they saw a CUBS game...not that "other" Chicago team. HA! :)


Kari Lynn said...

Sounds like a night to remember!

MorningSong said...

What a treat! Jerry - you sound like a fun guy! What a pair you and Happi must be! Thanks for letting us share this story Happi! You never know when this info will come in handy! Jalepenos - OUCH!


Marc Strathman said...

Hey you Cubs fan. Just wanted to let you know the Cardinals are sneaking up right behind you. Don't look in the rear view. Even though the Cards lost today to the Cubs... lucky two run home run.

AKA, Cardinals fan