Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gingerbread Land!

Last night we had the unusual blessing of a Tuesday night off, and so we took full advantage of the opportunity and had ourselves a good old fashioned gingerbread house party. I must admit we used a kit (there was no baking here), and within two minutes of the box being opened, one of the main pieces had already broken. The directions actually said, "DO NOT DISTRESS IF THIS HAPPENS" so they must have known my personality! It was hard to keep all the little fingers and hands out of the candy and frosting (which I suppose is half the fun) but my children were quite wired when they went to bed last night. Caden kept saying, "MMMMM MY!"

We all got in on the action. I did a lot of the piping, Cody helped decorate, Caden ate everything he could manage to grab, and even Daddy got in on the action. In fact, when I got back from the grocery store a couple hours later, he was still working on his masterpiece. When you see the finished product, you'll understand how hard he labored into the cold, dark night.

And now, a drumroll please....

I would like for you to pay special attention to the snowman on the right front corner and the teeter totter "bearing" teddy grahams on the left corner. There are wreaths on the back of the house, a pretzel chimney, and much much more that you can't see. Those would all be my husband's contributions. I know, what a guy!

Happy NOT SO WORDLESS Wednesday, everyone!


Glass Half Full said...

Ok, Happi, your family shows lots of talent here!!


Jessica said...

Watch out Martha Stewart! The "Happi" Family is moving in! That is so great! Where did you get your kit? My girls would love this!

Kari Lynn said...

We attempted our first Gingerbread house last Christmas. As I remember we were hurrying to take the picture before it collapsed. We will try it again next weekend. Great job everyone!