Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Big Reveal

Okay, so I hope my in-laws aren't reading this blog today, because I'm about to show you their Christmas presents. If you're any one of them, quit reading right now and go somewhere else. This is top secret info!

I am doing this more to show my sister, who inspired me in the first place to tackle these four projects. I started them right after Thanksgiving and finally finished them last night.
I do not consider myself an artsy craftsy type of girl. But I even impressed myself. I do believe they turned out quite cute, and I'm not even sure how that happened. Perhaps I can chalk it up to divine inspiration. I like them so much, I hate to see them go. But hey. That's what giving is all about! It's about sacrifice, people.
At any rate, I took pictures of them, lest anyone should care. And I wanted to remember how I did them in case I decide to do a repeat performance for my side of the family next year.
So, Kari...these are for you. And anyone else that might be curious to see them. My favorite is the church. I had purchased a package of letters that contained the word "Christmas" and absolutely LOVE the fact that there was only room for Christ. Isn't that truly how it should be??? I pondered that for a while last night with tears streaming down my cheeks. I truly did. It doesn't take much these days.
So, I'll start with that one. Drumroll, please....

My hubby drilled holes in the bottom and then we inserted little flickering tea lights (I love those things!) that run on small batteries. I hope everyone likes them and feels proud to display them!
Alright, back to work. I've got more wrapping to do.
Merry Christmas everyone!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh Happi you are so crafty!!!! You've been busy!


Glass Half Full said...

Oh my, first the gingerbread house and now this....



Kari Lynn said...

You're not crafty, whatever! I miss being able to make gifts. No time.

Julie V. said...


Those are absolutely beautiful!! Such a labor of love and I know your in-laws will LOVE them!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

I hope you and your family have a joyous and wondrous CHRISTmas!!!

I thank the Lord for you my sister in Christ,