Friday, December 07, 2007


It's not until your furnace goes out that you appreciate the value of heat. And it's 27 degrees outside. Not counting wind chill.

Ironically, it was serviced just last night, and the tech said of our dinosaur, "You might want to replace this soon." And was working just fine when he left. Hubby is on the phone with a tech troubleshooting as we speak.

Oh please, sweet Jesus, let this not be replacement time. It's just not in the budget this month!

***UPDATED to add: It was a simple wiring problem. Thankfully, Jerry's dad is in the business and he stayed on the phone with him until it was fixed. Praise the Lord!!!


Tonya said...

I'm glad you have heat again!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness! Hope it all warms up soon!!


Glass Half Full said...

Glad all is restored!!!

When we lived in our old rental home the heat went out. Oh my -- 55 degrees in a home is awful!