Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not So Long Ago

Cody had his second ever violin recital today.  He played a song called, "Long, Long Ago."  He did a great job and we're so proud of him and his progress over the last year.

It's amazing to think that just a year ago he was playing his first little song on that tiny little violin.  Now, a year letter, he's playing a bigger violin and has even grown a couple of inches.

So much has happened over the past year, and yet it hasn't been all that long ago.  

I will always remember these precious memories and how I held my breath with every stroke of his bow, and fingering of the strings.  

I will never forget how I shut off the camera before he took his big bow because I couldn't wait to cheer for him.  

I will always remember looking at the family who was sitting in front of me whose little one played the exact same song Cody played a year ago.  It was her first violin recital.

And I will remember how I fought back tears thinking of how fast this year has gone.  

And how much I am already looking forward to hearing him play again next year.

And how proud Poppop would be if he could hear him now.


Tonya said...

He is so cute playing that violin. And they grow way too fast.

Kari Lynn said...

It's bittersweet to watch them grow. You want them to stay young but grow up at the same time.

Julie V. said...

Great job Cody!! That was beautiful!! Way to go!!!!!



Kari said...

Yay Cody! Great job, sweetie-I am so proud of you and know that Poppop would have been proud, too.

Now . . . when are you going to learn how to play "There Is No Place Like Nebraska" on the violin? I can't wait!

Love you!

Edie Opitz said...

We just watched your beautiful Cody at our music meeting! Fabulous!