Friday, January 09, 2009

A Day in the Life

Today was a day that felt very odd and random.  I thought I'd recap all of its happenings just for fun.  Enjoy a Day in My Life!
  • I woke up to snow.  Lots of it.  But thankfully didn't need to go anywhere.  
  • Then I remembered we had a chiropractor appointment that I promptly cancelled.  I was not going ANYWHERE in this weather.
  • After Bible time with Cody (we take Fridays off of academic school subjects unless make-up work is needed), I decided it was high time to get working on "The Sound of Music" since I had rehearsal tonight and again tomorrow morning.
  • I sang through "The Lonely Goatherd" like, ten times.  So did my children.  *grin*
  • I discovered that yodeling is not my strong suit.
  • They begged me to play "Do Re Mi" and I decided this song is a brilliant way to teach kids about music theory.
  • We listened to Go Fish.  And danced around the house.  We now have a new and fun way to learn the 66 books of the Bible for Awana because of "The Bible Book Bop."
  • I did dishes.
  • I cleaned up the house.
  • The neighborhood kids came over and, just like that, it was a mess again.  Sigh.
  • I decided it needed to be pizza night so I called and ordered it from our local grocery store.  You gotta love a large pizza that only costs $5.99.  NO cooking for mommy when she has to be at rehearsal by 5:30.
  • I started planning music for our Easter services at church.  No rest for the weary, I suppose.
  • Somewhere in here I showered.
  • And was reminded AGAIN of the fact that I lost all my privacy when I became a mother. 
  • And reminded them again that they MUST KNOCK first.
  • And then listened to the toddler whine that mommy was not coming out of "da baff-woom!" 
  • Jerry got home and we exchanged a quick kiss and off I went to rehearsal.
  • But first I had to dig out.
  • I didn't get to have any pizza.
  • I was totally impressed, again, with the kids in this show.  They are so much fun.
  • Coming home, I almost rear-ended somebody because, apparently, nobody plows anymore.
  • Oh, and I'm totally ready to yodel tomorrow.


Kari said...

Glad you're ready to yodel tomorrow-better you than me, that's for sure! Glad you're having fun with the kids!

Jody said...

Sounds like a good day in the life of Happi. Thanks for sharing!

Tonya said...

sounds like a great day.

Tonya said...

Hey Happi, I just read your sisters blog through my bloglines and I went to comment and it told me her site was an attack site. So it wouldn't let me open it to comment. Could you let her know that I can't get on there and that being the reason! Thanks, Tonya