Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Birthday, Darci!

Today is my sister Darci's birthday.  She deserves a BIG shout out today, on this the 8th day of January.  She's feeling a little emotional about approaching the big 3-0 next year, but you all can only gets better, right???  

I will never forget the day that Darci came home from the hospital.  I was sick.  And I couldn't hold her, which was horrible for me, a little kindergartener.  But she was sooooo cute!  She and I were instantly the best of friends and I have so many happy memories of our years together (ask her to tell you about the curling iron episode sometime).  Aaaaaahhhhhh, memories!

Darci, you are a gift to the world, and I am so very grateful for the day you came into it.  



Julie V. said...

I hope Darci had a great birthday! Rebecca shares a birthday with her (she turned 2 yesterday). They also share a birthday with Elvis Presley (my Dad informed me of that tidbit of info.).

Happy Birthday Darci (even though you don't know me).


Kari said...

That's right-I completely forgot that you were sick. Oh, and that curling iron thing . . . now really, who's fault was it? ;-)