Friday, August 15, 2008

Perspective, Cookies, and Daddy Berger Speaks

Hello Friends.  I wanted to tell you that my hubby has posted a reflective post on his blog.  The last time he updated it was when the earth was rumblin' under the midwest during our earthquake. It's a good post about how Charity's news has affected him and his perspective.  

Also, I wanted to give a shout out to my friend, Julie.  We have become friends through church, but strangely enough, our blogs have helped us to get to know one another a bit better.  : ) Julie came over today with her little boy, and we baked cookies.  I so enjoyed my time with her and I know my boys loved getting to know little Asher better today too.

Tonight we made it a family night (a tradition we hope to continue every Friday), whereby we ate pizza, did the dishes, took a walk, watched a movie, popped popcorn and kicked back.  The cool breeze blowing through the windows and my little guy sitting on my lap brought me such joy.  We take so much for granted in this life.  As Dave (Charity's brother) battles cancer, may it bring to light how blessed we are to take our next breath.  God has ordered our days.  May we live them to the fullest.

Let us all count our blessings and hold our loved ones a little tighter tonight.

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Kari Lynn said...

Great post. It's easy to lose perspective on what truly matters and how blessed we are. My heart goes out to Charity's family and all who know Dave.

On a lighter note, you can ship cookies, right? ;-)~